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Clicking Our Heels – Physically Moving Outside Our Comfort Zones?

Clicking Our Heels –
Physically Moving Outside Our Comfort Zones?

In last month’s Clicking Our Heels blog post we
discussed our favorite forms of exercise. Our answers were quite varied, but
what if we had an opportunity to physically move outside our comfort zones?
What if we had the option to skydive, bungee jump, mountain climb, or ??? –
would we or would we opt to be couch potatoes?


Mary Lee Ashford: Oh, no. No skydiving, bungee jumping, or
mountain climbing for me. Boating could be a yes, but I would undoubtedly take
a book along.


Bethany Maines: I’ve been indoor skydiving (total blast), I
would go bungee jumping given the opportunity, I’ve hiked up a few mountains,
and I like being a couch potato but usually someone in my family is hogging it.
Frequently, it’s the dog.


Gay Yellen: The beautiful city park across the street makes
for easy, almost daily walking jaunts.


Lynn Mcpherson: I’ve been skydiving three times. It was
amazing. I’m not good at sitting around. I like to get outside and have some


Donnell Bell:  I love
taking hills, not necessarily mountains-I tried that and lost two toenails!!


Barbara J. Eikmeier: I would be willing to go zip lining.


Lynn C. Willis: Oh, mountain climbing! I have books on
training to climb Everest but have recently realized I don’t like the cold.


Lois Winston: None of the above. However, I do love to take
long walks.


Robin Hillyer-Miles: I like hiking. I am not a dare devil!


Dru Ann Love: Definitely a couch potato. Give me a sci-fi
movie and I’m in heaven.


Kathryn Lane: Love mountain climbing!


Debra Sennefelder: No to everything in that question. LOL I
won’t climb a mountain, but I love a good hike. So there you have my level of


Anita Carter: If those are my only choice, I guess I’m a
couch potato. LOL The most adventurous active I’ve ever done was ziplining.


Linda Rodriguez: I love the idea of bungee jumping with my
walker with specialized support for my wrecked shoulder. I think I’ll go with


Shari Randall: No, thank you! Couch for me!


Debra H. Goldstein: All of these require exertion – even
getting on and off the couch. I think I’ll take a long hot bath while reading a
good gossipy magazine.

Interview with Amateur Sleuth, Sarah Blair

By Lynn McPherson

Today on the Stiletto Gang, I’m interviewing Debra H. Goldstein’s protagonist in the Sarah Blair Mystery Series… Sarah Blair!
Can you tell us a little about yourself and where you’re from?

I was married at eighteen, divorced at twenty-eight, and all I got out of the marriage was my Siamese cat, RahRah. Starting over, having gone from a life of luxury to an efficiency apartment here in Wheaton, Alabama, the town I’ve lived in since I was born, is difficult. Luckily attorney Harlan Endicott have me a job as his receptionist/secretary, and I’ve got the support of my twin sister, Emily, and my mother. Family and friends are important to me.

I’ve read that you don’t cook. How did you end up owning a restaurant?
I find being in the kitchen more frightening than murder. My twin sister, Emily, is a gourmet chef. Between take-out and her cooking, I eat fairly well. When her boyfriend, Chef Marcus, and Chef Emily wanted to open their own white-tablecloth restaurant, their loan application was denied. It took time, but we got that straightened out. At that point, they needed a building from my late husband. The only way they would put their restaurant in my building, was for me to agree to be a partner. Believe me, they don’t let me anywhere near the kitchen.
Where did your cat, RahRah, get his name?
RahRah was rescued from the swirling waters after Hurricane Katrina be my now ex-husband’s mother. He was just a kitten. She named him RahRah in celebration of his survival.

What do you do for fun?

I have a bluff that I love to go out to and sit and meditate, looking at the beautiful water. I also volunteer weekly to walk dogs at the local animal shelter, plus I’ve been in charge of fundraising efforts for the shelter.

What qualities do you have that make you such a great amateur sleuth?
I don’t know that I’m a great amateur sleuth. I’m more of a plodder who goes by the facts.
Who do you turn to when you’re in trouble?
My family or my boss, Harlan Endicott. Mother, Emily, and Harlan are the people I’m loyal to who are my rocks. They are always there when things go bad for me–and they are the same people I turn to when things go right.

What’s next for you, Sarah?

Four Cuts Too Many, which features me, came out May 25, 2021. Five Belles Too Many, the tale of a New York sponsored television show wanting to throw a perfect Southern wedding by having a competition in Wheaton, Alabama will be out in June 2022. Look for Mother-Maybelle and George to be two of the finalists while I’m going to be Mother’s chaperone.

Debra H. Goldstein, author of The Sarah Blair Mystery Series.