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My Humble Opinion of the Movie, American Sniper by Marilyn Meredith

I’m not a fan of war movies–but hubby is, so with some reluctance from me we went together.

First I should say that I’ve read all the controversy over the movie–but I also read comments by my daughter and several friends who loved it.

First off, it isn’t a pro-war movie–it is a factual movie about war, if anything, it’s the opposite.

Second, Chris Kyle was not a coward–he was a hero, and his main mission was to protect our men.

And third, and the most important part, the movie was a good depiction of what happens to a man and how the changes affect a family.

How do I know it was factual portrayal? Because I experienced some of what his wife and family did.

Hubby spent 3 tours in Vietnam as a Seabee. No, he didn’t shoot anyone, but he and the base he worked from were underfire all the time. When he worked with the heavy equipment building roads and airstrips, he was shot at–and a Marine riding with him shot back–but they kept on working.

Like Chris Kyle, he didn’t like to talk about what went on over there–and still doesn’t.

Like Chris Kyle, between tours he wasn’t the man I married. And he was always anzious to go back (something I couldn’t understand), though he turned down the 4th tour and soon retired with 20 years of service.

Besides the worry of whether or not something may happen to the amn you love and the father of your children, not only does he change while in combat–but you change too. When you are the one running the home and taking care of the emergencies (with 5 kids there were plenty of those), you become independent and it’s hard to give up being in charge when hubby does come home–especially if it’s only for a short time. (This wasn’t depicted in the movie, but I know it happens.)

I remember once saying to my husband, “You may be a Chief in the Navy, but I’m the Admiral of this house.” I don’t remember his reaction, and it’s probably a good thing that I don’t.

I was blessed because I still have my husband, and over the years he’s mellowed.