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MisFits, Psychopaths, and Late-Night Reading

By AB Plum

On April 30, I’ll upload to Amazon The Whole Truth. TWT is the final—seventh—volume of The MisFit Series, dark psychological thrillers about a psychopath’s impact on innocents he meets along his twisted journey.

After seven books, two thousand pages, and half a million words, this has been a tough story-telling experience. I am glad to write: THE END!
The MisFits

The End!

Here are a few of the issues/questions I explored in this series:
  • ·         Are psychopaths born or nurtured?
  • ·         What if a child grows up feeling/believing he’s unlovable?
  • ·         What are some signs of psychopathic behavior in children?
  • ·         How easy is it to identify a psychopath (as a child and as an adult)?
  • ·         Can a fictional psychopath elicit sympathy from readers?
  • ·         What impact does a psychopath’s behavior have after he dies?
  • ·         Can a shattered family of a psychopath regain equilibrium?

I am now looking forward to publishing a couple of more upbeat “romance” novels. Yes, I do still hope that loves makes the world go ‘round.  J

If you’d like to read the MisFit Prequel, The Boy Nobody Loved, grab your free copy here. Maybe, just maybe, the hints of complexities to follow will keep you up reading all night.

Until next month, when I plan to write about love in May!

The picture is just to prove that even though I write about the dark holes in the human heart, I can pass for “normal” when I go for my early morning walks in my ‘hood just off the fast lane in Silicon Valley.