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When Will I Stop Writing? by Marilyn Meredith

This question has been discussed recently on the DorothyL list. And to be perfectly honest, I’ve had people ask me that question too. Probably because I am old.

Yes, I’m the ancient one of this group. I’ve been around since the beginning of this blog. I’ve been writing nearly all my life, but didn’t get published until 1982 and yes, I was already a grandmother then.

So, now, onto the answer of my question. I can’t imagine not writing. As long as I’m able to sit in front of my computer and new ideas pop into my head I’ll be writing.

One of the reasons I keep on is because the only way for me to find out what is happening to the characters I’ve created is to write the next book.

In the case of Deputy Tempe Crabtree, who is also getting older–though certainly at a slower rate than I am–I want to know when she might consider retiring from the sheriff’s department. And when she does, what will she do next? Will she remain in the small mountain community of Bear Creek or move somewhere else? If she moves, will that mean the end of her interacting with the Indians on the Bear Creek Reservation?

I’d also like to know more about her son, Blair, now that he’s working for the Morro Bay Fire Department. And of course there’s her husband, Pastor Hutch. Moving would mean Hutch giving up his church. Would there be another in his future.

And I’ve got a whole other series about the Rocky Bluff P.D. Those characters are aging much slower than I am, though there have been major changes in nearly everyone’s lives. Am I ready to quit writing about them? Not in the near future, in fact I’m nearing the end of the next book.

I also enjoy the other things that go along with writing. I like interacting with my readers. I enjoy some of the promoting that’s expected. I have cut down a bit on some of the in-person events that I do. I only participate in book and craft fairs where I don’t have to put up a tent and haul a table and chairs. I’ve cut down on the mystery and writers cons if they are too difficult for me to get to–and frankly, I miss seeing the people who attend.

For me writing is a part of who I am, so while I’m still of sound mind I’ll continue.

My latest, of course is in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series: River Spirits.

It’s available in all formats from the publisher at http://mundania.com/  and all the usual places.