Sands of Time

Sands of Time is a novel about a man, Sam Shepard, who has lost his family to a horrible tragedy. He falls into a deep, alcohol laced depression. But then, with the help of his friends and church he fights to save himself and the people he loves. One of these people that Sam leans on the most is the manager of his Inn, Natalie Stevens. Today, we are fortunate enough to have Natalie spend a few minutes with us and talk about the events of that fateful month of March.

Bruce: Natalie, thanks so much for taking the time to be with us today. I know you are busy this time of year, how are things?
Natalie: Bruce, thank you for having me. I love doing these things and look forward to doing a live interview on the website sometime. The Inn is just jumping this time of year. Guests always flock to the Jersey Shore every summer and this year is no different.
Bruce: I’m sure the publicity didn’t hurt.
Natalie: Are you kidding? Last season was one of our best ever. We were booked solid to come and see the Sam Shepard. And this summer looks like it won’t be any slower.
Bruce: Sam’s diary being picked up by the publisher, how did Sam feel about that?
Natalie: Sam is an intensely private man. Always has been since I’ve known him. At first he was upset about it but Pastor Paul and I talked with him about it and he realized that getting the story out there was the best thing for everyone. It helped clear the family name and the people of Pine Beach got some closure on the disaster.
Bruce: How about you? How has it affected you? You’ve gone from an unknown manager at a Jersey Shore Inn to someone who kicks-ass and takes names. You helped the FBI and a man you care about rid the area of an evil presence. How is Natalie?
Natalie: Natalie is fine, let me start off telling you that. I have so much more in my life today than I ever thought I would. I’ve done some interviews for local papers and a few television interviews but that has all died down – until this interview, of course. But let’s not forget, I’ve been kicking-ass and taking names for a long time. So, that’s not going to change just because people know who I am. They’ll forget next month.
Bruce: Let’s delve a little deeper here, how is Sam? Has he started drinking again?
Natalie: No, he’s been sober ever since that night in his study when we… well, you know what we did. He’s been clean since then and continues his recovery from alcohol. He works very hard at it.
Bruce: You brought it up, so I’m going to ask. Are you and Sam Shepard an item? Are there wedding bells in the future?
Natalie: Now that is private! Seriously though, you never know how things will play out. We are taking things one step at a time. Everyone knows that we are very close and that will never change.
Bruce: Effectively evasive, Natalie.
Natalie: Thank you!
Bruce: OK, off Natalie’s private life. How did you become involved with Pastor Paul and Curtis in your little vampire hunting gang?
Natalie: Well it’s a simple story really. I have been a regular church goer since I was a little girl. My parents raised to me to love and trust in God and He is my rock. When I was 14 I saw a Jackie Chan movie and was captivated by his speed and skill in martial arts. I whined and got my dad to sign me up for Tae Kwon Do and I took to it like a fish to water. When I was 19 I won a regional championship, everyone knew about it at church. One Sunday, Pastor Paul called me into his office and explained what it was the he does fighting vampires for God. I was already working at the Inn, so I knew Curtis but had no idea we he did in his free-time, but we clicked. We’ve been vamp-hunting ever since.
Bruce: Well Natalie, we’ve run over our time so thank you so much for coming.
Natalie: Thank you for having me and I hope everyone picks up a copy of Sands of Time!

Bruce is holding a contest on his website,, and giving away a copy of a book to one luck person who signs up for his mailing list before May 30th. He will also be appearing at Border’s in Philadelphia on June 10th, see his website for details.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    What great postmodern literary sensibility to an interview with one of your own characters! Since I was Bruce’s high-school English teacher, I’m inordinately proud of him for publishing the book and in fact would like to take most of the credit if it’s successful. Otherwise it’s all on him of course. I can report that he was a brilliant student, brooding, intellectual, slightly alienated–often he wore a beret and sat apart from the others, reading Les Fleurs du Mal or Henry Miller when the rest of the students were still trying to understand simple stories in The Weekly Reader. He had this fatalistic streak–always saying that someday the sands of time would be out . . .

    Jeff Cain

  2. Heather Matthews
    Heather Matthews says:

    I read Sands of Time recently and found it very intriguing. It had some great suspenseful elements that kept things moving, and it had real heart. I would recommend the book to others.

  3. Stacy Fetyko
    Stacy Fetyko says:

    The book was much different than what I expected. I never saw it coming until it was there. All I can say is “Wow!” Looking forward to reading more of the books in this series when they come out:)
    Stacy Fetyko

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