Confessions of a sort of ill, but totally in denial writer

By:  Joelle
I’m sick.  For those
that follow my twitter feed or are Facebook friends for me, I doubt this comes
as a newsflash.  In the last three
months, I have managed to come down with a sinus infection, bronchitis,
pneumonia and pleurisy.  (Who gets
pleurisy???)   I’m now on my third course
of antibiotics (this one is also used for anthrax) and my third inhaler. (Go
Yep.  I’m sick.
The one thing I’ve learned over the course of this
three-month odyssey is that I suck at being sick.   Not because I whine or cry or pout.  (Well, okay, the pouting thing might have
happened when the steroids wore off this last time and my breathing stopped
working so well.  Sue me!)  My problem is that I’m stubborn.  I don’t want to be sick so I try to pretend
that I’m not.  I mean, there are still
pages to be written, pages to be edited, books to be promoted, dinners to cook,
an entire house to be moved, a five-year-old to run after and…
You get the point.
Perhaps my real problem is that I like work.  (Yes, I’m deranged.) And really, when you
think about it, writing a book involves a lot of sitting.  That’s rest—right?  I mean, how much better would it be if I were
to just sit in a chair and do nothing as opposed to typing away on my keyboard?
Okay, I know I have a problem.  But I can’t help it.   So many people that I know hate their jobs. 

When they’re home sick, they love the excuse
to get away from their typical daily grind. 
I LOVE my job.  Never in my
wildest imaginations did I think that someone would ever pay me to make up
stuff or that readers would want to spend time with the characters I’ve
created.  So when someone suggest that I
stop writing in order to rest….I can’t! 
I just can’t. 

But I’m trying.  And
if you have any suggestions as to how to best do that (without giving up the
fun stuff like writing), I’m listening. 
And I’m pretty sure my mother is, too!
Oh – and in case you missed it – END ME A TENOR came out
last week!  Hurray.  Also, the trailer for my first young adult
novel- THE TESTING – debuted on in case you want to check it out.  See…who has time to be sick when such fun
stuff is happening?  (Sigh…back to

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  1. Linda Rodriguez
    Linda Rodriguez says:

    Joelle, I understand the dilemma. I have chronic diseases and when in flare am supposed to be resting but hate to give up working (because those pesky deadlines just won't meet themselves, will they?). One of the things I do is fix up my recliner with cushions for back and knees and use my laptop there, resting as I continue to work.

    So hope you're over this soon, my friend! And congrats on all the great stuff happening lately!

  2. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    I had pleurisy! Don't you feel like a character in a Jane Austen novel? (And if it wasn't for pleurisy, I never would have met my husband. A story for another time.)

    I hope you can rest up before Malice and come to use hale and hearty. Sending healing vibes…


  3. Aimee Hix
    Aimee Hix says:

    You now what would be a good idea? You can continue at this pace so you can't enjoy all your success.

    Do not make me glare at you again, missy!

  4. lil Gluckstern
    lil Gluckstern says:

    I truly hope you feel better soon. I have had various ailments for the last four months, and it's really depressing, and annoying. Good luck with your books, and try to nap. 🙂

  5. Maureen Hayes
    Maureen Hayes says:

    I know sometimes things don't come across right in comments or on email, so I debated even writing this because I don't want it to sound like sour grapes. . . I live with multiple chronic illnesses and would give ANYTHING to be healthy and able to work, so I do feel your pain. Besides being grateful that what you have will pass (although it may not feel that way at the moment I know!) try to see what you can learn and use for your next book from this. Maybe a character who is ill but still has an important part to play? Just a thought. . .

    Also, I when ico p,Evelyn bedridden, I try to find things that will occupy my mind without taxing my body, of course reading is always great, but I enjoy art, so I have a little "kit" of supplies I can use in bed, and of course a few favorite tv shows or movies never hurt either. I know it is hard because all the daily "stuff" of life still calls, but you want to kick this so try to tell yourself it won't last forever and be gentle with yourself.

    Hope that helped and that you u dear stood how I meant it. . .

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