by Linda Rodriguez
Right now, I’m at Bouchercon in New
Orleans, so this will be a short photo-heavy blog.

My Bouchercon began with the SinC Into
Great Writing, “Doing Diversity Right,” afternoon after great
drama in traveling there with lots of “will I make it in time”
suspense. But my wonderful road-warrior husband dropped me off at the
entrance to the Bouchercon hotel only a few minutes after the
afternoon had begun, and I rushed up to the 41st floor to
find a breathless seat.

The great and impeccable Walter Mosely
gave the keynote speech, followed by a great Q&A session. Then,
we had four workshops on various aspects of diversity—characters,
plot, dialogue, and cultural background. I taught the cultural
background workshop, along with Greg Herren, Cindy Brown, Frankie Y.
Bailey, who taught characters, plot, and dialogue respectively.

These were excellent workshops, each
offering a different take on writing diversely with a heaping helping
of the instructors’ unique personalities shining through. At the end
of the afternoon, we held a big panel to answer the audience’s
questions with Greg, Cindy, Frankie, and me, plus Terri Bischoff,
acquiring editor for Midnight Ink, giving a view from the publishing

An hour wasn’t enough time for all the
questions, but all of the panelists told audience members they’d make
themselves available for further questions throughout the conference.
If my own experience is anything to go by, those in the audience are
certainly taking advantage of that offer.