Juliana Chacha de Cochiti, New Mexico de la cruz Aragón Fatula

Dear Reader,

Fall 2023 has neared and it’s time to prepare for harvest. This year I made the choice not to have a vegetable garden. Climate Change has changed how we grow our gardens and try to conserve water during the scorching heat of summer.

My flowers are protected by an electric fence because deer herds roam through our yard and eat whatever they want. I had to plant deer-resistant perennials but the grasshoppers showed up and wreaked havoc on everything. Gardening used to be relaxing and therapeutic. Today between the heat, deer, drought, and climate change cause our fruit trees to bloom too soon when it warms too early and then get hit by freezing weather destroying the blossoms and fruit.

Change is good. I changed. I changed from a person who had no goals, to a woman with amazing goals to improve herself and others around her. When I was young I was tough and rebellious. I walked a razer-thin line teetering between law-abiding and loving criminals who did not abide by the laws. I had a human flaw. I wanted to be loved and I wanted a bad boy. I found several in my lifetime. Never a good fit they wanted a woman to keep them warm at night and I wanted a man to worship me.

In 1990, I finally met a man capable of loving and worshipping me the way I always wanted. The catch he wanted a woman to be an outdoorsman/woman. He wanted a woman to climb mountains, fish from boats on lakes, and hunt deer, elk, moose, and bear, but I like vegetables. He wanted a wife who would love his work ethic. I wanted a man who would rather be with me than hunting. We came to an agreement. He’d do his fishing, hunting, scouting, killing, and wild game as many times as he wanted. He’d leave me alone to write.

So he left this morning at midnight to hunt Wyoming for a month and a half and I rolled out the projects I’ve been putting off until I could have peace and quiet and solitude.

My husband calls and checks on me, but I am capable of taking care of myself. I look forward to my alone time to do whatever I want. My friends ask how do you do it. Don’t you get lonely? Not really. I have my novel’s characters to keep me busy. My characters enter my world and play out their lives in scenes in my head like a movie. I see what they are wearing, hear the music they listen to, smell the food they eat, and feel their heartbeats when they are excited, frightened, or depressed. My characters speak to me in my head and tell me their stories. I love my characters.

I’ve decided my mystery romance novel is a trilogy. I am finishing the first book before starting the second but I’m torn between wanting to start the next book and waiting patiently to submit and publish this first novel. I envision my characters growing older and traveling through time into a future filled with chaos.

My editor finished critiquing my first novel and sent me the revisions and suggestions. I quickly realized that I had a lot of work to do on my mystery romance. So I’m going to digest her suggestions. They are all great ones. She’s a professional and did an amazing job on editing. I’m going to work on another manuscript that’s been gathering dust and let this one steep for a few months.

In October, I’m headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico to lead a writing workshop with a couple of amazing women. I’ll dive into my mystery m.s. and get busy with the revisions. I’m looking forward to time away from home and the beauty of New Mexico. On the road trip from Colorado, I plan to visit my ancestors’ birth and burial pueblos and document and photograph the sites for a genealogy project I’m working on. I’ll tell you more about it when it gets closer, but it is called Native Bound Unbound and is an amazing opportunity to do DNA testing and trace my indigenous roots back in time to the 1700s. The path may lead me to write a non-fiction book on my ancestors and the struggles they encountered during the Indian Wars, the Mexican-American Wars the Civil War, and all the wars afterward. Keep checking the blog for more info on my amazing life tracing my Navajo, Ute, and Pueblo ancestors from New Mexico Territory to my Colorado home in Southern Colorado.

Thank you for reading my posts have a great end of summer and see you in September.

Juliana Aragón Fatula, a 2022 Corn Mother, women who have earned accolades for community activism and creative endeavors is the author of: Crazy Chicana in Catholic City, Red Canyon Falling on Churches, winner of the High Plains Book Award for Poetry 2016, and a chapbook: The Road I Ride Bleeds, and a member of Colorado Alliance of Latino Mentors and Authors, and Macondo, “a community of accomplished writers…whose bonds reflect the care and generosity of its membership.” She mentors Bridging Borders, a Teen Leadership Program for girls. No justice no peace.

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  1. Aimée Medina Carr
    Aimée Medina Carr says:

    Mujere, F-R-E-E-D-O-M‼️ The next couple of months will be life-changing, just like the writing workshop at Dillon’s Beach was for me. I’m excited for the Colorado Sisters series. I’m still holding out that you’ll find an agent to sell the trilogy.

    I pinch myself when I realize how far we’ve come, thanking heaven’s angels (we know which ones) who have guided and assisted us every step.

    Fly, Chingona, fly!
    Aimée Medina Carr
    author of River of Love
    & forthcoming Wisdom Keepers
    Linked – a collection of short stories

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