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7 Questions Turn a Pink Bicycle into a Mystery

by AB Plum Walking alone, because I lope rather than walk, before breakfast offers a chance to think. Or let my mind wander. Birds and trees and pots of flowering plants brighten my route in a nearby church parking lot. Two weeks ago shortly before sunrise, the pink bicycle surprised me. What was going on? […]

Oh, the Places We’ll Go

by Barbara Plum [Barbara Plum’s Silicon Valley series sucked me into the struggles of a dysfunctional family, the secrets that derailed them, and the courage that offered redemption—but not without cost. And of course, a few murders. It’s my pleasure to introduce her to the Stiletto Gang readership. ~ Marjorie Brody] Reading has introduced me […]

A World Free Of . . .

by Marjorie Brody Most authors strive to create feelings in their readers. We want our readership to connect emotionally with our stories. We take pride when our words stir strong emotions. I certainly appreciate readers who take time to write me letters expressing the impact my psychological suspense, Twisted, has on their lives. And now, […]

Writing in a Genre I Never Thought I Would

Marjorie Brody Things I don’t do: watch horror movies, watch horror tv, read horror novels.  When Kimberly Jayne, an author of romantic comedy, gave me the opportunity to read a prerelease edition of her dark fantasy, I thought, “Romantic comedy. Horror. Romantic comedy. Horror.” Surely a comedic author would write horror light enough I could […]

A Re-Awakening

by Marjorie Brody The New Year arrived for me in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. A live band, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries accompanied a balloon drop at midnight. The cruise allowed me to escape telephone calls and the demands of emails, meetings, and deadlines. I took a speed boat ride through the rain […]

Ho, ho, ho. I’ve Stolen Your Identity

by Marjorie Brody It can be a statement of admiration when someone emulates you. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so they say. It’s a very different situation when someone steals your identity, empties your bank account, maxes your credit cards, and pretends to be you while buying appliances at various stores with your […]

Hiss. Hiss. Hiss!

by Marjorie Brody It started about two weeks ago. A sound. At night, when the house was quiet. A hiss. Just a single hiss. Enough to make me look up from the book I was reading, yet not loud enough for me to be sure I even heard anything. But the next night, I heard […]

Honing My Craft While Having One Hell of a Time

by Marjorie Brody I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the alert for opportunities to sharpen my skills. I enjoy attending organized workshops and seminars, and although I share my new knowledge with colleagues when I return home,  it’s not the same as if we all attend a workshop together—which can be pricey […]

The Doctor is Out. The Writer is In.

By Marjorie Brody A fellow author asked me a question typically asked by readers: “Where do you get your characters?” Before I could answer, she shook her head and said, “No, what I really want to know is, are you writing about your patients?” My gut tightened and a sadness settled in my chest. I […]

When Characters Withhold Information

by Marjorie Brody I usually know my characters well before I begin to write. Certainly I know what they want, what they fear, what their major flaw is, and what changes they will make in the life of the story, i.e., their character arc. But recently, I met a very stubborn protagonist. I should probably […]