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Twins and Other Things That Are Born

 I woke this morning with no clue it was Thursday, much less the third Thursday of the month. 


Covid-brain, you ask? 

Well, the days have certainly run together this year/decade/eternity of a pandemic. But it’s simpler–and tougher–than that. Backing up a moment, my daughter and her husband had twins in December. Talk about a Christmas surprise! Twins don’t “run” in either family, so R & E were a (delightful) shock and were quickly labeled Double Trouble. 

(Not my grandchildren, but aren’t they cute? =>) 

For the past three months, writing has been especially sporadic, since we’re spending our days tending babies. At first, it was simply they needed more hands. (How on earth did moms do this in the 50s when they were expected to handle all domestic chores alone???) Now, they have to work and even after a year on the waiting list, their day care doesn’t start until July. Yikes!

While I’m the first to say, you have kids when you’re young for a reason, it’s been interesting (the only all encompassing word I can come up with on one cup of coffee) to see all the ways things have changed. Part of me laughs about it, the rest says, seriously, I’m not that old a dinosaur. Of course, snuggling babies and the eternal maternal rock are the same, but now there’s probably an app for everything else. Seriously, there are lactation coaches, sleep assistants on call (but not at 2 AM when you need them), heated cleansing cloths, and an app to track every soiled diaper – including the relevant degree and color of the poop. 

I wouldn’t miss this time with my grandchildren. R is a charmer who already knows how to use her engaging smile and bright eyes to entice you to pick her up and play. E – aka Little Man – is more serious, loves jazz as much as I do, and puts much more effort into capturing fingers and toys with his lovely long fingers. (Yes, I’m getting him a keyboard as soon as he can sit up.) 

I promised both my daughters I’d never post pictures of their children on social media, a decision I whole-heartedly support. But the coos from the other room says it’s time to load up the stroller and head out. 

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