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When I Visited Walden Pond

By Kathryn Lane

past three years, my husband and I have spent the summers in a cabin in northern
New Mexico. We are isolated, in a way. We are connected to the outside world
with excellent internet, workable phone communications, and muddy dirt roads
during the rainy season.

I watch the deer, elk, birds, and the occasional bear, I’m reminded of my favorite Henry
David Thoreau quote 
“We can never have enough of nature.” And that takes me to his experiences at Walden Pond.

During my corporate years, I mostly
worked overseas, but on two rare occasions I had domestic assignments. One of
those instances, I went to Boston for three weeks. I loved the city and became mesmerized
by its history, especially that pertaining to the American Revolution. Being
from Mexico, I did not know US history and this was a unique opportunity. In
the evenings, I walked the Freedom Trail, stopping along the way at Faneuil
Hall, the old State House, and continuing to Paul Revere’s statue and his home,
now the oldest building in downtown Boston.

One weekend, I visited Lexington and
Concord where the revolution started. Being an avid cyclist at the time, I
rented a bicycle so I could visit Walden Pond. Thoreau’s book, Walden,
intrigued me and here was my opportunity to cycle around the entire pond and
enjoy the place where he had lived for a couple of years.

The pond, a kettle hole formed by
retreating glaciers about 10,000 years ago, was worth seeing, not to mention experiencing
the place Thoreau made famous. The shores of the pond consisted of terrain
suitable for walking but I quickly learned that tree roots and sharp rocks were
not kind to bicycle tires! After fixing a flat halfway around, I decided to
walk the bike the rest of the way to make sure I could ride back to Concord
where I’d left the rental car.

Now that I live close to nature part
of the year, I reflect on Thoreau’s years there and his writing.

The central ideas expressed in Walden
are experience, self-reliance, and worship. He examined the fundamental
elements of humanity. Very lofty ideas.

My novels are genre, plain and simple. And I love writing them from a mountain cabin! Yet, as an author who loves
history, you’d think I’d write historical novels. Mysteries and thrillers
fascinate me and that’s what I write. I’m captivated by the twists and turns of
mystery and suspense.

course, there are historical mysteries. Humm, I’ll have to ponder that thought
while enjoying the mountain scenery of northern New Mexico!

Do you secretly wish you wrote in a different genre?


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