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AI Writes Novels?

Three years ago, I wrote a blog about the probabilities of writers being replaced by artificial intelligence apps that would write faster, better books. I cited an article in The Guardian stating that AI’s capability to write creative, coherent novels was still decades in the future. I slept well after reading that article. It now […]

Start the Year with a Cover Reveal!

Presenting a new cover to the reading public is like sending a baby announcement! It takes me nine months to write a fictional story unless research is required. Then it can take longer, like in the case of Stolen Diary. For most of my stories, ideas simply come to me. Ideas can come while I’m […]

Reinventing the Wheel

  For my fifth Nikki Garcia mystery, Nikki’s brother, Andy, is introduced as a character. He’d been mentioned in a couple of earlier Nikki novels, but this is his debut as a living, breathing character. Andy is a sleep researcher, studying the deep-winter sleep of black bears, and torpor, shorter periods of hibernation, in squirrels […]


The game “What Historical Figure Do You Want to Meet” made me think of whom I’d like to talk to. One is M.C. Escher, and the second person is the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. If I could resuscitate the pharaoh, I’d ask where he conceived the idea of monotheism. Was Akhenaten truly the first person to […]

Crazy About Socks?

Recently I read that during the pandemic online shopping spree, socks became a hot item. Socks? Really? Must have taken some pretty bored people to shop for socks! I wondered if socks had ever been written up in literature. As a mystery writer, I immediately thought of possible book titles: Murder by Socks, The Sock […]

Evacuating from a Wildfire

By Kathryn Lane I love the mountains in northern New Mexico. Nature in this area constantly surprises me with beautiful vistas, wildflowers, and above all, the wild animals. We have elk, deer, coyotes, wild turkeys, several varieties of birds, Cooper hawks, and bears. Occasional wild cats and mountain lions also roam the area. I’m mesmerized […]

A Nod to Writers and Artists

By Kathryn Lane In every novel of my Nikki Garcia mystery series, I’ve mentioned a writer or a visual artist whose work I admire. Since my mysteries are set in foreign countries, this detail adds a touch of that country’s culture. Waking Up in Medellin takes place in Colombia and I wove in the works […]

Editing, Updating, and Completing a Manuscript

  By Kathryn Lane Technology innovations are accelerating at warp speed. At least that’s what it seems like in my writing world. A year-and-a-half ago, I started research about a child math prodigy interested in rockets and space travel. The story takes place in the present day. The plot revolves around a family-secret type mystery […]

Close-up on Gay Yellen

By Kathryn Lane Texas author Gay Yellen came to writing with an extraordinary background. She began working life as a stage and TV actor, then moved behind the camera at The American Film Institute (AFI) as Assistant to the Director of Production. She moved on to become a magazine editor and national journalism award winner. […]