Mayhem in the Midlands

This will be a mishmash as I’m just home from Mayhem in the Midlands after a grueling traveling experience. Due to tornado warnings in Denver, we sat on the plane in Omaha long enough to miss our connection flight to Bakersfield. We were not the only ones to miss our flight and so stood in a long, long, long line waiting for customer service (took two and a half hours) to find out that to get to the airport where we left our car we’d have to wait until Tuesday (I’m writing this on Monday and we were in the airport on Sunday expecting to get home that evening–ha ha.) There were two seats left on a plane to Fresno that left Monday so we took them. That meant we had to find someone willing to drive our other care to Fresno, pick us up, drive us then to Bakersfield so we could get the car we’d left there. Who knows what’s happened to our luggage–certainly not us. But we’re home now.

Mayhem was wonderful and I promise I’ll have more to say next week when I’m not so swamped.

But here’s a photo of the basket from all of us at the Stiletto Gang put together for the Silent Auction at Mayhem (proceeds go to the Omaha Public Library)and the final bid I believe was $100. Pat Lange, a teacher from Omaha and a good friend, actually put the basket together from the books etc. I sent to her.

The other photo is of the Spouse’s panel at Mayhem–hilarious as usual. I don’t have everyone’s name in the right order, but it’s something like this: Jan and Tim Burke, Sean Doolittle and his wife, Tim and Zoe (she was the International Guest of Honor), (all of my notes are in the luggage that didn’t come home with us), Hap and me, Radene and John Nehring.

We laughed a lot during the conference, ate wonderful meals, spent time with gracious authors–and it was a wonderful experience as usual.


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  1. The Stiletto Gang
    The Stiletto Gang says:

    So sorry about the miserable travel experience, but so glad that the conference was wonderful (as usual!). Great looking basket!!


  2. Clea Simon
    Clea Simon says:

    A great looking basket indeed! One of my dreams is to actually get to all these conferences…next life…

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    It is Jan and Tim Burke, Sean and Jessica Doolittle, Zoe Sharp and Andy Butler, You and Hap, Radine and John Nehring. In order 🙂

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