A Wonderful Christmas Past

Years ago I belonged to a sorority–no, not the college kind, this one was social–whose primary purpose seemed to be having fun. We had once a week get-togethers and a party once a month at someone’s house which our husbands were invited to. There was always a theme and we usually danced. We also had get-togethers with other sororities in our area, ones where we wore long dresses.

During this time I was a teacher at a pre-school for developmentally disabled kids.

It bothered me that our sorority didn’t do any service projects, I’d never belonged to anything where we didn’t do anything useful for anyone else. One of the consultants who worked with the kids at our school told me about a family with three kids, one developmentally disabled, and the father had lost his job and they had no money for Christmas.

I approached the sorority members, told them about the situation and proposed that we provide Christmas for this family. The women thought this was a great idea. We found out the ages of the children and everyone bought gifts. We also got a tree and decorated it. (This was before they sold all the pre-decorated phony trees.)

We gathered all the food needed for a Christmas dinner including homemade pies and some extra groceries too.

We loaded up the back of my station wagon (I always had station wagons, after all, we had five kids) and four of my sorority sisters went with me on delivery day. We located the address, an apartment house. A man was working on his car in front of one of the garages. We called out and asked if he knew this particular family. He said that was his family.

“Great, we have something for you.”

He looked bewildered, but started helping us carry everything upstairs to their apartment. He opened the door and we brought everything in. The mom and kids stared at us wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

When we’d deposited everything, the man asked, “Who did this? Where did this all come from?”

One of the gals said, “You have heard of Santa Claus haven’t you?”

We left giggling all the way down the stairs and on the drive back home. What a wonderful feeling that was and I didn’t feel quite so bad about belonging to a sorority that’s primary goal was having fun.


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  1. Susan McBride
    Susan McBride says:

    Aw, Marilyn, that's so heart-warming! And I so needed to hear something heart-warming today!


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