Eclipse, the Movie

Spoiler Alert! I don’t think I give away anything, but just in case I want to warn you I’m going to talk about my opinion of Eclipse, the movie.

Hubby reluctantly went with me to see Eclipse, the third in the Twilight movies. We’d seen the first and second together, and he wasn’t keen on seeing another.

First, let me say he didn’t go to sleep once, so it wasn’t boring. (He often falls asleep in a movie if it’s too slow, and even snores. A jab to the upper arm usually wakes him.)

I can’t say I loved it, but I did enjoy it. I can certainly see why so many women are crazy about the story. What a triangle: a hunky young Indian who has lots of muscles, Jacob. Who cares if he turns into a huge wolf at times? Bella, an ordinary looking young woman who wears little make-up with a wardrobe that mainly consists of hoodies, T-shirts and jeans, who is love with Jacob, but loves Edward even more. Now, Edward, he’s really something. He’s got a wonderful head of hair and a great profile–but his pallor resembles someone who has a terrible blood disease. Oh, I guess he does–he’s a vampire. However, he’s a good vampire who gets his blood by killing animals, not humans. (For those of you who like the old-fashioned kind of vampire, there are plenty of those–the villains.)

Oh, and did I mention, the young people in this triangle are all seniors in high school?

Sexual tension abounds as you would expect from this age group–but except for a lot of kissing and heavy breathing, nothing much happens in the sex department, except everyone watching the movie knows what the main characters are wishing for.

Hubby watched a little more intently when the fighting began–and there was a lot, bad vampires against good vampires who teamed up with the huge wolves. Plenty exciting.

Did I enjoy it? Sure, it’s a great fantasy with plenty of mystical atmosphere in the form of rain and mist rising from the sea. I’ll go to see the next installment, I want to find out if Bella is going to finally wed Edward as she promised and turn into a vampire or choose Jacob, who has a good argument as to why she should pick him.


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  1. Misa
    Misa says:

    I read the first book, have watched both movies, but I must confess, I don't *get* the whole attraction to vampires thing! I don't go for team Edward or team Jacob, but I'm sue I'll watch Eclipse when it comes out on video. I'm in awe of Stephanie Meyer's success! All from a dream, no less.

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