Lights, Camera, Action

By Evelyn David

Rhonda and I have been taking Hollywood
meetings since we wrote the first Sullivan Investigations mystery, Murder Off the Books. Of course, those meetings have been imaginary, but we prefer to
think of them as practice sessions for when we really do get “the
call.” Or another way to look at it, we create fictional characters and
settings for our books, what’s to stop us from creating fictional casting
sessions? In a perfect example of the mind meld of the collective Evelyn David
(as well as reflective of our ages), we both have always envisioned James
Garner, from the Rockford Files era, as Mac Sullivan.

But these fantasy casting sessions have taken on new meaning
over the last week because Evelyn David has gone Hollywood,
minus the sunglasses, plastic surgery, and actually, you know, going to California. We’ve
decided to release the three Mac Sullivan mysteries, as well as the first
Brianna Sullivan novella, as individual audio books. We’re looking for a reader
who can handle both male and female voices and capture the tone, pacing, and
humor we’ve written.

Not a job for the faint-hearted. Think about it. When Julia
Roberts played Vivan Ward, the prostitute with a heart of gold in Pretty Woman,
she didn’t also have to play Edward Lewis, handsome, tough businessman (Richard
Gere’s role), not to mention the sleazy business associate that Jason Alexander
captured perfectly. We’re asking one person to play detective, love interest,
and dog – and for the listener to instantly grasp who’s talking to whom, where,
and why.

And we love it. We’ve received several audition tapes of a
few pages of each book. Some actors nail it – and some have been instant
rejections. We think we’ve found the perfect reader for the Brianna book –
still struggling with finding the right one for the Mac/Whiskey mysteries (dogs
are so hard to cast).

Stay tuned.
All right Mr. DeMille, we’re ready for our close-up.

(Can you name the movie?)

Evelyn David


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2 replies
  1. Linda Rodriguez
    Linda Rodriguez says:

    Woo hoo! Audio books of the Brianna and Mac/Whiskey books! How terrific! Can Hollywood and HBO be far behind?

    Super congratulations, Marian and Rhonda! You guys are such an inspiration tot he rest of us!

    And yes, dogs ARE so hard to cast!

    ANNETTE says:

    Sunset Boulevard – Gloria Swanson, William Holden, Eric Von Stroheim and Nancy Olsen. Y'all need to find someone wonderful – someone who really believes. I know you will be successful.

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