Eat, Drink and Be Murdered

by Sparkle Abbey

What is it with food and mysteries?

In some mysteries, food is front and center like Sparkle’s, uhm, Mary Lee’s, Game of Scones or Risky Biscuits. But even if the theme isn’t food-related like in our Pampered Pet mysteries, food and drink play an important part because of what food, and interactions involving food, tell us about people.

You’ll often find our main characters, Caro and Mel, at their favorite coffee shop, the Koffee Klatch, chatting with Detective Malone, Betty Foxx, or even sometimes a suspect. And what someone chooses to eat or drink, and how they enjoy their food tells us a lot about the character. 

Is it a fancy coffee and a tasty treat? No-fuss black coffee? Do they stop and savor their selection? Or grab something to go? 
Do you notice what people are eating in the books you read? What do their food choices reveal about the characters?

In honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to share a fun, pink drink we discovered while perusing the Food Network’s website for some inspiring recipes our character might want to try. The Queen of the Rodeo was inspired by the fabulous Dolly Parton!

Queen of the Rodeo – From Food Network

Shake 2 ounces vodka, 1/4 ounce maraschino liqueur, 3/4 ounce each lime juice and grapefruit juice, and 1/2 ounce pomegranate syrup in a shaker with ice. Strain into a glass, garnish with a lime wheel, and dust with edible pink glitter.

*If you’d like a non-alcoholic version, leave out the vodka and substitute cherry syrup.

Sparkle Abbey is actually two people, Mary Lee Ashford and Anita Carter, who write the national best-selling Pampered Pets cozy mystery series. They are friends as well as neighbors so they often get together and plot ways to commit murder. (But don’t tell the other neighbors.) 

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  1. Mark Baker
    Mark Baker says:

    Everyone has to eat. It makes sense that there would be scenes around it, especially since food is one thing that most everyone loves.

  2. Gay Yellen
    Gay Yellen says:

    I always notice what characters are eating. And because I eat when I'm stressed, I also eat when I write, which leads to my main character being a prodigious eater, too. Pretty soon, one of us is going to have to cut back on the calories!

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