Writing and Selling Fiction in the Metaverse

 By Kathryn

In the near future, when a reader purchases a book, that reader can also receive additional
3-D experiences depicting the author’s world, how the author researched,
created, and wrote that particular book.

Interacting with the metaverse.

readers, we will be able to interact through virtual reality (VR) with our
favorite authors. Though I don’t write in his genre, I can imagine a VR encounter
with JRR Tolkien where I’d walk beside him in the scenes while he described his
imaginative process in writing Lord of the Rings. Music, as in the films,
should run too. But then I’d turn it off to better understand Tolkien’s
creativity before the scenes were set to music. Tolkien is no longer living, but artists, writers, historians, script writers, photographers, and
cinematographers would create the immersive where I’d be in the middle of the

Distortion in the metaverse.

Writers will
have a variety of options for selling their works in the Metaverse. Unique codes,
think of ISBNs 
currently used, will identify the digital asset that is linked
to blockchain to secure its authenticity and uniqueness. This process creates a
non-fungible token (NFT). For example, limited editions of digital works can then
be sold as NFTs. Book covers and draft manuscripts also offer the possibility
of NFT sales.

provides a secure means for storing intellectual property like copyrights and
patents, and includes smart contracts where author royalties can be collected every
time an NFT book cover, limited edition, or a first draft manuscript is

Visual representation of blockchain.

Big name
authors with staff to do research, design, and marketing will have the
advantage over lesser-known authors. They might turn their books into complete immersive
experiences where readers don’t read but merely step into the story.

VR and
the Metaverse will be used extensively in other areas, especially education. By
combining topics such as math and science; language, geography, and history,
among other subjects, learning can become more integrated. 

Student using the metaverse.

it’s not all panacea here either. Richer countries will have the advantage over
poorer ones.

If you feel
concerned about the Metaverse, you are not alone. If we think of it as the next
level of the Internet, it becomes less intimidating. Though I remember how reluctant
people felt in the early to mid-nineteen-nineties about using the Internet.

Are you
ready to enter the brave new world of NTF books?


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Lane started out painting in oils and quickly became a starving artist. To earn a living, she became a certified
public accountant and embarked on a career in international finance with a
major multinational corporation. After two decades, she left the corporate
world to plunge into writing mystery and suspense thrillers. In her stories,
Kathryn draws deeply from her Mexican background as well
as her travels in over ninety countries.

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website at https://www.Kathryn-Lane.com

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8 replies
  1. Donnell Ann Bell
    Donnell Ann Bell says:

    Kathryn, it's all I can do to write a book. I'm not sure I want all that stimulation going on around me when I try to get lost in a story. Sounds like a whole lot of mediums interacting, am I wrong. Of course I've been dealing with Spam all day and am having to get a new email address. Yeah, I remember the Internet thinking this is going to be brilliant! We have truly let the genie out of the bottle 🙂 Thought-provoking post. BTW, I own Missing in Miami. Can't wait to dig in.

  2. Kathryn Lane
    Kathryn Lane says:

    Thank you, Donnell. The genie is out of the bottle, and like the Internet, this new medium will bring both good things and bad. I agree about writing a book – it's all I can do to write one! And I have Black Pearl – will probably read it in late April when I finish the current ones on my nightstand. Looking forward to reading it.

  3. Saralyn
    Saralyn says:

    While this reads as something Orwellian and far-into-the-futuristic, immersive video games already take players into stories. Thanks for a fascinating post.

    • Kathryn Lane
      Kathryn Lane says:

      So true, Saralyn. Immersive video games have basically "trained" the younger generations to embrace the metaverse. They will also be adept at using it. Thanks for bringing immersive video games into the discussion.

    • Kathryn Lane
      Kathryn Lane says:

      In the beginning, I saw all the bad things this new technology will bring. So I decided to study it a bit and learn more. I'm more positive about it now. Who knows whether it will really take hold or not, but as Saralyn pointed out, immersive video games take gamers into the metaverse, making those younger generations apt to want it in their regular lives too.


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