It’s a Small, Small World

Last Saturday I attended the Central Valley Jane Austen Fest as a vendor. Frankly, I felt a bit out of place–though I wasn’t the only one. Selling modern-day mysteries at an event celebrating Jane Austen didn’t seem quite right–but the organizer insisted that I come. I’m glad I did because I really had fun meeting people, seeing the costumes some of the attendees wore, and talking about my books to the different people who stopped at my table–and I even sold quite a few books.

One of them came directly to me and asked, “Are you Marilyn Meredith who is part of the Stiletto Gang?” I assured her I was and she identified herself as Anjali Kapoor-Davis and she’s related somehow to Misa. We had a super visit. I included the photo even though my eyes are closed–that’s why I put in the one of me with my eyes open.

I had no idea so many people were so enthusiastic about Jane Austen and her books. Most of the people who came were women, but as you can see, even men came dressed in authentic clothing.

Most interesting was a group of teenage boys who stopped to talk for awhile. They were reading Jane Austen in high school and said they loved the books and their teacher suggested they come to the event.

Will I go again next year? Sure, if they invite me.


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  1. Susan McBride
    Susan McBride says:

    I love the picture with Anjali, Marilyn (even if your eyes are closed!). Cute! Looks like a fun event. The power of Austen is amazing.

  2. The Stiletto Gang
    The Stiletto Gang says:

    I couldn't believe how crazy people are about the Jane Austen period. No matter, it was fun to be there and see what was going on.


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