Caddyshack revisited by Dru Ann Love

We have pigeons. They can be annoying when they gather. Especially on my balcony railing.

I’ve tried everything. Shooing them off the balcony. Spritzing them with water. And yet the continue to land on my railing and make a mess. Now they come onto the balcony and walk around leaving a mess there as well. So the battle has begun in earnest.

Repellent ribbons, they worked well until rain caused the ribbons to shrivel up and lose their shine.

Repellent device #1, they did keep the pigeons away, but they made too much noise when it swung against the glass panel

Spinners, they worked fine until mother nature unleashed strong winds and spun my spinners from their pole into the ground below. Later I found remnants of my spinners.

Repellent device #2, same strong winds took these away as well.

Spikes, I took a gamble and bought these spikes. After losing the spinners, I put one strip up and watch a pigeon land on my railing, take a few steps and encountered my spikes and flew away. Victory, but now I have to wait to see what mother nature will do to these spikes before I put the rest down.

Do you have troublesome pests?

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  1. Saralyn
    Saralyn says:

    The pigeons are testing your endurance, and so far you are winning. I have a friend who had vultures on her balcony and ended up screening it in. Good luck to you, and stay the course!

  2. Shari Randall
    Shari Randall says:

    Good luck, Dru. We had a coyote family living under my neighbor's shed. At least the coyote pups were cute – not something you can say about pigeons!

  3. Gay Yellen
    Gay Yellen says:

    My Mom had pigeons on her balcony. And like your pests, Dru, they always made a mess of things. Once, when I was cleaning the balcony, I discovered that they had built a nest in one corner, with darling little eggs resting inside. I didn't have the heart to destroy it, so that year we let them stay until they fledged. After that, we put spikes on top of the railing, which kept them from landing comfortably. they haven't been back since. Good luck with your battle.

  4. Sandra Bretting
    Sandra Bretting says:

    Never had to worry about pigeons, although a possum will sometimes wander into our backyard in Texas!

  5. Lynn McPherson
    Lynn McPherson says:

    I back onto a forest so we've had lots of pests over the years–possums, rabbits, even a few coyotes. With a big dog to chase them away, none have stayed too long long.

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