I Hate Packing

I Hate Packing by Debra H. Goldstein

Although I love traveling and have been cherishing the times that I once again have been able to get-together with family and friends, I hate packing. For me, it is a tortuous process.

First, I make sure everything I might possibly want to take is back from the dry cleaners, has been washed, or, if necessary, purchased. Then, I sit with pen and pad and contemplate the trip, so I can decide what outfits I need – from how many pairs of underpants to will there be any formal attire events. Once I address my clothing – indicating what should be worn on any given day – I add miscellaneous items to my list ranging from medications to computer cords. I stare at the list and decide to pack tomorrow when I’m not as tired or busy (this depends upon if I make the list at night or during the day).

The time to do the deed arrives but first I need the right sized suitcase. Am I carrying on? Do I have a dress I don’t want to crush? Am I going to a conference where I need to take extra books, bookmarks, or other swag? I choose a suitcase, but I’m so worn out from the process, so I take another break.

Finally, there is no way to put off packing. I pull everything out of my closet, drawers, or wherever. That done, I stare at the stack on my bed or the couch and decide to watch a TV show or allow myself thirty minutes of reading time before I tackle putting things into the suitcase.

An hour later, especially if the clothing is on my bed, I pack. It takes five to ten minutes.

Relieved, I soak in a long bath. I am exhausted. How about you? Do you have a packing ritual?

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    • Debra H. Goldstein
      Debra H. Goldstein says:

      Unpacking isn’t as bad as most of it either goes in a pile for the cleaners or right into the laundry. That’s another thing –hate to not get everything washed (maybe not put away) on the day I get home.

  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    I’m not a fan of packing, or any chore really, but I just go with it. I don’t worry about all the lists.

    I think my biggest worry is that I will forget something.

  2. T.K. Thorne
    T.K. Thorne says:

    You hit a chord here for sure. Even with lists, I ALWAYS forget something. The last trip, I carefully organized in a bog all my toiletries. When we got to the destination, I reallized it was ALL hanging where I left it–in the bathroom at home.

  3. Donnell Ann Bell
    Donnell Ann Bell says:

    I am a packing procrastinator:) I go to bed early, set my alarm so I can get dressed (makeup applied) and then into the suitcase. I rarely forget anything but, like you, it’s a chore I dread:)

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