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How to Connect with Your Local Libraries by Shari Randall

I’ve invited two guests today, Susan Hammerman and Cari Dubiel. Both have served with me as Sisters in Crime’s National Library Liaison and they have a wealth of information and advice to share with authors eager to connect with libraries.  Susan interviewed Cari and got her helpful tips on how published and aspiring authors can […]

Clicking Our Heels – Our Favorite Food Places to Speed Dial

Last month, we talked about some of our favorite foods. Rather than leaving that topic, we began to wonder what food or restaurant we each have as our respective speed dial favorites. As you can imagine, our answers are a mixed bag. T.K. Thorne – Assuming we had such a thing where I live (our […]

Is it Worth it?

Is it Worth it?    by Debra H. Goldstein Recently, I lost interest in writing. It wasn’t a matter of writer’s block. Plenty of ideas constantly swirl in my head. Those ideas exist right next to my excuses for not writing. The latter include having two new grandchildren and babysitting requests from their parents, medical […]

Reeled in by the Hook, Line, and Sinker short story anthology

Reeled in by the Hook, Line, and Sinker short story anthology by Debra H. Goldstein I’m a sucker for a good whodunit. Whether serious or humorous, I find figuring out mysteries challenging and fun. Best of all, I relax and forget anything worrying me while I lose myself in the author’s storyline. Timewise, it works […]

My Mother’s Slippers by Debra H. Goldstein

My Mother’s Slippers by Debra H. Goldstein At this time of year, I think about my mother. She was a driving force in my life until her unexpected death in 2014. There are still times when I want to pick up the phone and share good news with her or ask for her advice, but […]

Lack of TV by Dru Ann Love

It had to happen to this TV addict. It had to happen to this award show addict. What has happened? Well for the award shows, they rarely nominated a show that I watched, so it was useless to watch the Emmys or the Daytime Emmy since I don’t watch the few soap operas still on […]

The Cheese Guy by Lynn Chandler Willis

Several years ago, i was invited to participate in a book festival sponsored by a local, glossy magazine named after O’Henry. The festival was being held at a high-dollar, swanky hotel, also named after the famous writer. I was still riding pretty high with my win for Best First Private Eye Novel given by St. […]

Clicking Our Heels – Fall is Here!

Clicking Our Heels – Fall is Here!!! Fall is here! It should be no surprise that each member of the Gang has a different thought about Fall. Debra H. Goldstein – Although I hate to see the leaves drop, Fall means I don’t have to worry about keeping my white pants clean. Shari Randall/Meri Allen […]