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Greetings, 2011!

Here’s hoping for a great year for the Stiletto Gang and their families.

I’m not one to make resolutions, but I do have some hopes and desires for the coming year.

My granddaughter is getting married on the 15th. This is not my first grandchild to get married, but a very special one. Jessica lived with us at various times during her growing up years–first with her mom when she was a baby. She went to grammar school at the little school in town, staying with us during the school week. She was here when it snowed for three days (something that hasn’t happened since). She invited me every year to speak to her class as an author. I had to come up with new topics as the kids were always the same. One birthday she had a slumber party at our house because it was bigger than her folks and she wanted to invite lots of kids. (That’s when I knew I was getting old because I had to go downstairs and quiet them down.)

My hope for her and Jerry is that this will be the start of a wonderful life for the two of them. (That’s Jessica and Jerry in the photograph.)

I have an Auntie who is turning 100 this fall–I’m hoping that she’ll make it as long as she stays healthy.

I’m hoping for the rest of my big family to stay healthy and to be able to achieve their dreams for this year.

I’ll change my hopes to prayers for our little church that we can continue to help out the less fortunate in our foothill community.

For myself and hubby, that we can remain healthy and able to do all the things I’ve already got inked into the 2011 calendar including another try at the ill-fated mystery cruise that we didn’t get to go on last year. This time we hope to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary while on the cruise since it happens at the right time of year.

And that’s just a few of my hope for the coming year.

What are some of yours?