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Let the Sweating Begin

The minute I was told Dispel the Mist was at the printer I ordered 100 copies. Why do I need that many copies? To send to reviewers and to sell myself at all the events I’ve lined up. After spending the weekend with my author friends who had two wonderful events planned for their latest and no books arriving, I can’t help but worry.

If they come when the tracking thing-a-ma-bob at UPS is right, they should show up on my doorstep on Thursday. That would be great. We’re headed to the coast for a book and craft show at the Nipomo Library and it’ll be great to have the new book to show off and hopefully sell. While we’re there, we’ve got an evening out planned with old friends we haven’t seen for awhile.

This past week we were in the high desert with the Ridgecrest Writers group. I told them all I know about electronic publishing and promoting on the Internet. We had quite an adventure coming home which you can read about on my personal blog at http://marilynmeredith.blogspot.com but of course I didn’t have my new books, but hadn’t expected to.

My first appearance locally will be on Saturday the 19th at the Porterville Library where I plan to tell them what inspired me to write Dispel the Mist. On Sunday, I’ll have a booksigning where I live in a new little bakery and shop called Kirby Farms because they also sell produce out of their car port.

So you can see, I was cutting in close. Though I love the hometown events, hubby and I really do enjoy the ones where we can travel a bit–it’s like taking a mini-vacation.

It is time that I started thinking about my next Tempe mystery though since I’m writing two books a year, one for each of my series, I can’t wait too long to get something perking. All I know so far is it will have something about bears in it. My Aspen police officer grandson’s tales about chasing bears out of people’s houses have inspired me.

I’ll be going back to the UPS website to see how far those books have traveled and whether or not the holiday fouled up the arrival time. In the meantime, Dispel the Mist is available from the publisher, http://www.mundaniapress.com and can be ordered from any bookstore.