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A Birth Announcement

By Evelyn David

This has got to be the longest pregnancy on record.

But finally the collective Evelyn David is proud to announce
the arrival of the newest member of the family: MURDER DOUBLES BACK. The third
book in the Sullivan Investigation Series.

And we’re just like many new parents who have very carefully
picked out a name for their little one and once he or she arrives, realize that
the name doesn’t fit. So too we had been talking about this mystery for years,
had a title that seemed perfect – but when we finally got into writing and
editing the book, just knew that the title had to change.

So for those of you who have so kindly encouraged us,
supported us, gently harangued us to finish a new Mac and Whiskey book (and we
really appreciate the small kick in the butt you administered, we needed it!) –


For 10 years private detective Mac Sullivan has
been haunted by the case of Amanda Norman, a teenage girl who disappeared into
thin air during a class trip. But someone is determined to stir the embers of
that cold case. Each year Mac receives a postcard that asks a simple question:
Where is Amanda Norman? 

This year, Mac decides he will answer the question
once and for all.

Join Mac Sullivan, Rachel Brenner, JJ, Edgar, and
of course, Whiskey, the adorable and adored Irish wolfhound, as they try to
uncover the mystery of a long missing girl. As Mac and his team investigate, a dark
trail of murder and deception follows. If Amanda Norman is still alive, will
Mac’s efforts inadvertently lead to her death? If Amanda Norman is dead, who
keeps sending the postcards and why?

Murder Doubles Back is the exciting third book in
the Sullivan Investigations Series.


Chapter 1

He’d never forgotten his failure, even without the
annual postcard reminder.

Mac Sullivan turned the card over and scanned the
message. He recognized the scratchy handwriting. Over the past 10 years he’d
received a similar card every December. They had arrived along with the holiday
cards at the police station. But this year was different; the postcard was
addressed care of Sullivan Investigations. Someone’s address book had been

The picture on the front of the card varied, seemingly
random tourist locations – around the DC and Virginia area. No pattern other
than all depicting famous visitor or vacation spots. The postmarks changed each
year but all came from Virginia.
This year’s card featured the Smithsonian.

The mystery had come full circle–back to where it had
all begun.

The message on the postcard this year was the same as
it always was. Block printing. A simple question. “Where’s Amanda Norman?”

Mac’s first thought; his mental response to the sender
was always, “Dead.” The second was a warning to himself not to ever
say that word aloud. Technically Amanda was only missing. The fourteen-year-old
went on a class trip to the Smithsonian and didn’t come home again. The foster
family didn’t believe the teen was a runaway. There was no ransom demand. No
reports of sightings. No actual body was ever found. He was the first and, as
far as he knew the last detective on the case. He hadn’t solved it.

A decade later, the Amanda Norman disappearance was a
cold case, but not a closed one. The United States Post Office and a very
persistent pen pal saw to that. It was only two months after Amanda went
missing that the postcards had started arriving.

Now that he was retired from the police force and had
his own detective agency, he was thinking that maybe it was time to warm up the
Norman case. His holiday plans had included some quality time with his…He wasn’t
sure what to call Rachel Brenner. His girlfriend? Significant other? Rachel worked
for his best friend Jeff O’Herlihy. At Thanksgiving the O’Herlihy Funeral Home
had burned to the ground. Jeff had kept Rachel busy the last month helping him
set up shop in a leased building and file mountains of insurance claims, but
even workaholic Jeff had arranged for his staff to have a couple of weeks off
from the middle of December until after the New Year. Jeff had kept a skeleton
staff to handle any funerals, but Rachel was for all intents and purposes, on
paid vacation.

Mac had already canceled two dates with Rachel during
her down time. He had a feeling that last-minute trip to visit a distant cousin
was actually her raising the dating white flag in surrender. She was a little
vague on the telephone about when she was returning.

Determined to make a real effort, Mac stepped up his
game. He made dinner reservations for New Year’s at what Jeff had assured him
was the trendiest spot in DC. Meanwhile there were several cases he needed to wrap
up and a security job at a government contractor’s office that started in a
week. His calendar was full.

The timing of the arrival of this latest postcard couldn’t
have been worse. His staff of two was on vacation. He had a payroll to meet and
bills to pay. His concentration was needed on the work in front of him and not
the mistakes of the past.

Still…he hesitated to bury the postcard in the file
with the rest. After all these years, why was this one of the Smithsonian? Was
there a special significance that this year’s card depicted the place where
Amanda had disappeared? Had something changed for the sender?

He must have asked that question aloud, since Whiskey,
his Irish wolfhound sidekick, felt free to vocalize her opinion.

Mac glanced at the dog, who’d taken over the dark green
futon in his office, then back to the postcard in his hand. “Yeah, this
time is different. It’s not just about keeping Amanda’s case active. Someone
wants to tell me something.”

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The Joy of Being Pregnant (and the Less Enjoyable Things, Too)

Now that I’m in my seventh month with Baby Emily due in late June (although my mom keeps saying, “No way you’re going to make it ‘til then!”), I thought I’d scribble down the fun stuff–and not so fun stuff–as I see it so far anyway.  It’s definitely been a new experience full of the unexpected, like the incredibly itchy rash I put up with for nearly six weeks before I broke down and took Prednisone; the pregnancy rhinitis that makes it feel like I have that Mucus Family from the TV commercial living in my throat; the swelling that can make my feet and ankles resemble puff pastry; the exhaustion and brain fog; and all the other reminders that I’ve got another being that’s taken me over.  Still, I wouldn’t trade any of that for the world, because the end result—a baby!—will be so incredibly worth it. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that this pregnancy has certainly renewed my faith in miracles. After going through a bunch of bumps in the road these past five years, it’s awfully nice to be reminded of the good surprises life can bring!  And I can’t imagine any surprise better than this. 
Okay, the things I love about being pregnant (in no particular order):
1. I can eat six times a day and no one says, “Haven’t you had enough? Put the bagel with peanut butter down and step away from the counter.” 
2. Going shopping for large shirts because I’ve outgrown my smalls and mediums is actually a positive thing. 
3. Feeling Emily move!  I just love the sensation of her squirming around, kicking, poking, twisting. It’s so reassuring, and I feel like we’re communicating.  She’ll poke me, and I’ll rub that spot and say, “Hey, baby!  How’s it going?”  It’s our own Morse code.
4.  Ed is in charge of cleaning litter boxes (although I have gloves to wear when it’s an emergency, although that’s only happened a handful of times).
5.  I never feel guilty when I sit down, put my puffy feet up, and rest.
6.  When I say, “After I turn the guest room into a nursery, I’m re-doing the living room,” Ed doesn’t bat an eye. (I’ve made a point to show him all the articles about pregnant women nesting.)
The things I (occasionally) whine about:
1.  I pee every 15 minutes.  Okay, maybe not that often, but it sure feels like it. By my ninth month, no doubt I’ll know the location of every public restroom in town.
2.  I can’t find a comfortable position to sleep. Every time I try to turn, it’s like moving a bowling ball around and requires readjustment of pillows, sheets, night gown, etc. Then by the time I’m settled down again, I have to pee.
3.  I can’t see much below my belly. Shaving has gotten very scary. The only time in the past when I nicked myself this much was when I was about thirteen and handed my first Daisy razor.
4.  It’s hard to gauge distances between my belly and anything. I’ve run into more bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops, doorways, and grocery carts with my baby bump than I can count. And every time I do, I stop and ask Emily, “Are you okay in there?” 
5.  Ed doesn’t want me going for pedicures as he’s afraid of my breathing in fumes from the salon and using equipment that other people’s feet have used.  And trying to give myself pedicures just isn’t the same, particularly since I have a hard time seeing my toes much less reaching them.
6.  Not being able to go outside and work in the yard and garden. I honestly miss pulling weeds, trimming plants, and digging in the dirt.  Not only is getting my hands in dirt a no-no (for the same reason I’m not supposed to clean litter boxes, the dreaded toxo!), but it’s very uncomfortable bending and squatting to work. So I think the green things around our house are going to look a little wild this year!
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pee, get something to eat, put my feet up, and engage in a little mommy-baby Morse code with Emily.  I think she’s trying to tell me which car seat she’d like me to order.