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Red Shoes! The Stiletto Gang’s New Look – an Open Clicking Our Heels Letter to Our Readers

Shoes! The Stiletto Gang’s New Look– an Open Clicking Our Heels Letter to Our Readers


adore you. It is a joy to know you habitually read our posts directly from our
blog page, through an e-mail subscription, or from our Facebook page. Your
comments telling us you appreciate the diversity of our writings, backgrounds,
and personalities gives us the incentive to write our next blogs. Because you
support us, it is our constant goal to provide you with the best experience possible.
That means not only the words we give you, but the visual experience, too.

years ago, our first logo featured a stiletto and a spiked red heel. A few
years ago, we updated our website to reflect the changes happening in fashion
and with our bloggers. The result was a new logo, featuring a gold platform
shoe. It was beautiful.

your comments and clicks, we know you are enjoying what we are doing, but we
are not willing to stand on the status quo. It is our pledge to continue to
produce diverse and edgy writings that let you into our inner thoughts as
people and writers. To support this promise and keeping ourselves in the height
of style, we are introducing an updated logo:

What do
you think?

September and October, each member of the Stiletto Gang will be writing a blog
that reflects our different thoughts on red shoes. Subscribe to the blog, leave a comment on today’s
post, comment on the various September and October red shoe blogs, and let your friends
know about our logo change and we’ll keep track of what you each do. Check the November Clicking Our
Heels to see how we recognize the person who earned the most points doing any and all of these four things the most. Oh, and one more thing – next month Clicking Our Heels will be back to its first Wednesday position and Judy Penz Sheluk’s October post will be on the first Monday.

We can’t
wait to hear from you. As we said, we adore you. 

The Stiletto Gang

Clicking Our Heels is Moving – and swag for your thoughts!!!!!!

Clicking Our Heels is Moving — and swag for your thoughts!!!!!!

Beginning in November, Clicking Our Heels is moving to the first Wednesday of every month! 

We know you’ve gotten used to finding out what we all have to say about different topics on the last Thursday of the month, but now you’ll get our wisdom during the first week. We’ve got a few topics up our sleeves, but leave a message in the comments about things you’d like to know.  If your topic is one we use this year, Debra promises to send you a treat (not a trick, but a treat).

We’re excited about some of the changes members of the Gang have experienced….and we’ve written about them.  New books, new homes, new family members, and new pets, to name a few we’ve shared with you. We even updated our logo from a red stiletto to a gold one (any thoughts on that?)  What’s most exciting is there’s more to come! 

We’ve been sad to see a few members of the blog leave, but we’re excited about the new gang members joining us in November.  Stay tuned!!!

CLICKING OUR HEELS – Raw or Cooked Carrots?


Raw or Cooked Carrots?

Welcome to The Stiletto Gang’s newest feature – Clicking Our Heels. Each month, on the
Fourth Thursday, a number of our bloggers will share
their opinions on the same question. Hopefully, after reading CLICKING OUR HEELS you will learn some new
things about all of us.
When Debra attended the University of Michigan,
entering freshmen were given a personality/general info type test. The odd
question on the test – Do you prefer raw or cooked carrots?
Here are some of our responses:
: “I definitely prefer raw. The snap and crunch of fresh veggies is
much preferable to the mush of cooked.”

: “I prefer them raw, although I do enjoy a good carrot chowder now
and then, and of course, cooked with a roast of beef or pork.”

Aragon Fatula
: “Raw. I grow carrots and eat them fresh from the earth. They
are sweet and taste like love.”

: “Cooked carrots. I like to doctor them with butter and brown

Dru Ann
: “I like shredded carrots in my salad and cooked carrots with a

: “Raw! Cooked carrots are down there with boiled okra for

: “Definitely raw and the best part is you can always share this
healthy snack with your dog.”

Paffi Flood:
“Cooked carrots. Roasted, actually. Nothing compares to its sweetness.”

Jennae M.
: “I prefer roasted carrots, usually accompanied by roasted
potatoes and garlic. And butter. Lots and lots of butter.”

Kay Kendall: “I like both cooked and raw carrots.
Each has its charms.”

What Michigan interpreted the question as
showing:  Raw carrot types were
energetic, aggressive and had go-getter personalities while the cooked carrot
camp was made up of kinder, sweeter, and more passive students.  We’ll let you guess how Debra answered the

The Stiletto Scoop!

There’s so much going on behind the scenes with all the members of the Stiletto Gang that we thought we’d take a minute to share all the latest news with you!  And we’d like to take the opportunity to welcome the well-heeled and multi-published Laura Bradford to the fold!  So take a minute to say “hi” to Laura and read what’s up as you sip your coffee this fine Thursday morning (or as you sip your wine if it’s dinnertime!).
Maggie Barbieri’s sixth Murder 101 Mystery, Physical Education, will hit bookstores at the end of November.  She’s currently hard at work on the seventh installment in the series, a book that’s tentatively entitled Extra Credit.  But most exciting of all is that Maggie will be writing a new series for St. Martin’s, debuting in 2013 with The Comfort Zone.  Think “Dexter” meets “Desperate Housewives” and you’ll get an idea of the story behind Maeve Conlon, suburban soccer mom, professional baker, and vigilante.  Are you feeling lucky, soccer punk?  http://maggiebarbieri.com/
Laura Bradford is just three weeks away from the launch of Dangerous Alterations, the fifth book in her Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series written as Elizabeth Lynn Casey. She’s busy writing the seventh book in the series as well as looking at copy edits for the first book in her upcoming Amish Mystery Series written as Laura Bradford. Busy, busy, busy!  http://www.laurabradford.com/
Joelle Charbonneau’s latest Rebecca Robbins Mystery, Skating Over the Line, was released by St. Martin’s on September 27, and she has a new series coming out in July of 2012 from Berkley, starting with Murder for ChoirSing hallelujah, c’mon, get happy…er, mysterious!  http://www.joellecharbonneau.net
Both halves of Evelyn David are furiously writing Trick or Treat in Lottawatah, hoping to have it published within the next two weeks. Oooky, spooky, mysterious, and fun! It’s the newest Brianna Sullivan e-book. They’re also almost ready to have their agent start the rounds with a completely new Evelyn David mystery so they’d appreciate fingers and toes crossed so that this new book quickly finds a home!  Crossing stilettos!  http://www.evelyndavid.com
Maria Geraci says she’s almost ready to turn in a very late manuscript to her editor at Berkley. Yay! The book that was once titled The Ugly Girlfriend has a new name. It’s now A Girl Like You and will be out August 2012. She’s also excited and pleased to announce that her short story, “Noche Buena,” will be featured in an anthology titled Sleigh Ride which will come out this November 11. There are seven short stories and they all feature a sleigh ride. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit victims of domestic violence.  http://mariageraci.com
Lori Gondelman (http://www.lorisreadingcorner.com/) and her Blogging BFF Jen (http://crazy-for-books.com/) are co-hosting a Trick & Treat Spooktacular from Oct 14-31. Each day an author will have a Trick post and a Treat post, one on each blog. Both blogs will be doing a book giveaway and, at the end, they’ll have a HUGE treat giveaway. Maggie Barbieri will be the author closing out the Spooktacular event!  Sounds ghoulishly fun!
Bethany Maines is eight chapters away from finishing her Orcas Island mystery if she sticks to the plan (Stick to the plan, Bethany! Stick to the plan!), after which she’ll start on a few Carrie Mae Mysteries short stories for e-release. In the meantime, she’s ramping up for the holidays. Says Bethany, “I know that sounds scary, but I’m actually really looking forward to this year.  Bring on the baking!”  http://bulletproofmascara.com/
Susan McBride appeared on “Great Day St. Louis” on October 12, doing another Great Reads segment. On October 22, she’ll take part in the second SLIBA Bookstore Cruise, signing Little Black Dress at Sue’s News in the St. Louis Galleria.  On October 30, she’ll be one of eight authors participating in the second annual Wine, Wit & Lit fundraiser for Casting for Recovery, a nonprofit organization that supports breast cancer survivors.  And she’s trying hard to write Little White Lies, her next women’s fiction book, due December 1 (gulp!).  http://susanmcbride.com
Marilyn Meredith is busy promoting Bears With Us, polishing the next book in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series, and writing a new Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel.  Needless to say, her days are rather hectic. And to top it off, she and her hubby are going on a week long cruise to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.  Happy anniversary, Marilyn!  http://fictionforyou.com/
Laura Spinella’s debut, Beautiful Disaster, is a finalist in the New Jersey Romance Writers of America’s Golden Leaf Contest.  Winners will be named at their annual conference on October 31.  (Good luck, Laura!!!)  For a peek at the first chapter of BD, visit http://www.facebook.com/BeautifulDisasterANovel?sk=app_150903068337795!  Laura’s finishing up a round of revisions on her second novel, The It Factor, which she hopes to complete by mid-November.  http://lauraspinella.net