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Playing the Glad Game

Playing the Glad Game by Debra H.

I was thinking about having a pity party.  After months of constant travel promoting
Should Have Played Poker: a Carrie Martin and the Mah Jongg Players Mystery
(Five Star, a div. of Cengage – 2016), it seemed ironic that when my schedule
allowed for two-three months of personal time hanging out doing whatever I
pleased, I’m now on enforced downtime.  My
posterior tendon deteriorated causing my arch to collapse, the tendon to shred,
and the ligaments to loosen. The remedy – what ended up being a more extensive
surgery than originally planned to rebuild the arch.  It included moving my heel, breaking a bone
in the top of my foot, transferring a tendon, and debriding the damaged

When I was a child, one of my favorite movies was Pollyanna.
Stealing from the movie/book, I’ve decided to play the “Glad Game” rather than
having my pity party.  So, here goes:

1)    I’m
glad I am in the hands of a skilled surgeon.

2)    I’m
glad I turned my ankle in June (the straw that broke the camel’s back) or I
would probably have been at a stage where a return to normal couldn’t have been

3)    I’m
glad because I will be non-weight bearing for six weeks followed by months of
extensive therapy that I can use a scooter or a walker as an alternative to
crutches, which I absolutely can’t use. 

4)    I’m
glad I have a loving and supportive husband.

5)    I’m
glad I have children who love and care for me so much that all offered to alter
their schedules to be there in any way I need.

6)    I’m
glad that besides my husband and children, we have been helped by a wonderful
system of caregivers.

7)    I’m
glad I have friends who sat in the hospital with my husband, helped him get me
home, lent us medical equipment, offered to help with my mundane chores, and
set up a schedule to bring dinners for the next few weeks.

8)    I’m
glad that I will have an opportunity to clear my head and concentrate on my
writing and my personal reading.

9)    I’m
glad that in two weeks, when I finish wearing a splint wrapped in an ace
bandage that accommodates swelling, I will be able to honor my youngest
grand-daughter’s wish by picking a purple cast.

Finally, I am glad to have you in my
life reading my books, enjoying my short stories, following my Stiletto Gag and
It’s Not Always a Mystery blogs, being a friend on my author Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DebraHGoldsteinAuthor/
) and regularly checking my website (www.DebraHGoldstein.com).
My cup runneth over with gratitude — what are you glad for?