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What Do You Hear?

One of my favorite lines from the television series Battlestar Galactica is when Admiral Adama, wanting to know the status of the fleet, asks Starbuck, “What do you hear?” Her standard answer when conveying the message that all was well was, “Sir, nothing but the rain.”

Well Stiletto Faithful, we’ve been hearing nothing but the rain too. All is well in Evelyn David’s world. This spring and summer we’ve held the Cylons at bay and managed to produce two new mysteries, and just this past week, an audio book. All is going very well!

I Try Not to Drive Past Cemeteries, the first book in our Brianna Sullivan Mysteries series, is now available as an audio book at Amazon through Audible.com and at iTunes. We were very lucky to obtain the services of a wonderful narrator, Wendy Tremont King. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Wendy will be available to be the voice of Brianna Sullivan for the entire series. We’ve discovered that Brianna’s adventures in Lottawatah, Oklahoma, are perfect for the audio book format!

Hell on wheels or a psychic in a travel trailer? Brianna Sullivan gave up her job finding missing luggage for the airlines in order to seek the freedom of the open road. Her first stop? The small town of Lottawatah, Oklahoma. Using her psychic abilities, Brianna takes on a multitude of jobs to earn gas money, help out the local police detective, and direct some troubled souls towards the light.

The tenth book in the series has just been published in e-book and trade paperback. Lottawatah Fireworks continues the spooky, yet funny saga of reluctant psychic Brianna Sullivan as she solves mysteries, romances the local police detective, and directs ghosts towards their final destination. A little darker in theme than previous books, Lottawatah Fireworks takes Brianna on an emotional journey that stretches the bounds of friendship and love.

In Lottawatah Fireworks, Brianna’s fiancé surprises
her by buying a ramshackle hunting lodge, ready to call it home. The cabin
comes complete with no plumbing, no electricity, and the ghost of a recent
murder victim. It’s up to Brianna to find the truth of who killed the man and

Lottawatah Fireworks (The Ghosts of Lottawatah, Volume 3) is a paperback compendium of the three most recent adventures including: Good Grief in Lottawatah, Summer Lightning in Lottawatah, and Lottawatah Fireworks.

Not to leave out the news of our other mystery series – you know the one with the “big” dog? Yes, Mac and Whiskey are back! Don’t miss Murder Doubles Back! An old cold case heats up for Mac and his team as they search for a teen who has been missing more than ten years.

Private detective Mac Sullivan has
been haunted by the case of Amanda Norman, a teenage girl who disappeared into
thin air during a class trip. But someone is determined to stir the embers of
that cold case. Each year Mac receives a postcard that asks a simple question:
Where is Amanda Norman? This year, Mac decides he will answer the question once
and for all in Murder Doubles Back.

Admiral Adama’s standard response to Starbuck’s “Nothing but the rain” was, “Then grab your gun and bring in the cat.” Cat and gun aside, we hope all is right in your world and that you are enjoying your summer reading! Leave a comment and tell us “what you hear.”

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