By Evelyn David

My muse has taken a hike – like in the Himalayas.
I’ve lost my MoJo, my ability to create murder and mayhem at will. It’s not
that I can’t think of delightful ways to kill off villains – in real life and
fictionally. But it seems I have misplaced my ability to create a coherent
storyline, one that won’t leave readers scratching their heads and wondering
what the heck happened, if anything.

In my defense, I’ve got lots of good reasons why the muse
went missing. Real life intruded and the poor thing probably felt neglected. No
attention was paid to the tiny bursts of inspiration she’d proffer. “Hey,
how about a story about a neighbor who was an Elvis impersonator. Or “How
about a murder victim who mumbled ‘Camelot’ with his last breath.” But after
I’d ignored enough hints about getting back to work, I suspect my muse headed
off to someone else who would appreciate a clever inspiration of whodunnit. Heck,
she’s probably feasting at Stephen King’s house right this minute – and I don’t
blame her a bit.

The Master of Terror understands. Stephen King once said
that the “scariest moment is always just before you start [writing]. After
that, things can only get better.” But of course, that assumes you can start.
Sue Grafton, mistress of the alphabetic mysteries, was blunt: “I carry a
notebook with me everywhere. But that’s only the first step. Ideas are easy.
It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the

And Mary Heaton Vorse, activist and journalist, was even
blunter: “The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants
to the seat of the chair.”

So I’m putting out the welcome mat, baking some chocolate
chip cookies (for the muse and me), and following the immortal advice of James
Thurber: “Don’t get it right, just get it written.”

Break’s over; time to get back to work.

Marian, the Northern half of Evelyn David



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  1. Linda Rodriguez
    Linda Rodriguez says:

    Good, Miriam! We need those wonderful books to keep coming!

    I do know what you mean. I've spent months writing the next Skeet Bannion mystery, traveling to promote my newest, and teaching classes and doing freelance jobs. The suspense novel I had started has languished. I've got a huge traveling burst for the rest of September, and then I've promised myself that October is my time with my muse. I do hope she'll come back to me, as well. Best of luck in wooing yours back home.

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