Our Very Own Dru Ann Wins the Raven Award

by Linda Rodriguez
On April 27th at the 71st
annual Edgar Awards Banquet in New York City, The Stiletto Gang’s own
Dru Ann Love will receive the prestigious Raven Award. The
Raven Award

a special
for outstanding achievement in the mystery field outside the realm of
creative writing.

This award was first given in 1953. People and organizations, such as
Dorothy Kilgallen, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Alfred Hitchcock,
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Isaac
Bashevis Singer, Eudora Welty, Angela Lansbury, Bouchercon Mystery
Convention, Bill Clinton, Otto Penzsler, Center for the Book in the
Library of Congress, and Sisters in Crime, have won this award. And
now Dru Ann wins it for her dedication to the field and the
contributions her wonderful book blog, Dru’s Book Musings, has made
to the field of the mystery.

reviews a huge number of books every year, and her reviews are all
based on careful reading and high standards. She also hosts a series
called “A Day in the Life,” where authors write a post from the
viewpoint of a major character to give the reader a taste of that
author’s voice and characterization skills. Her book blog is a major
player in the strong field of book blogs that have replaced the
vanished book review sections of newspapers and magazines.

of us who know her know that Dru Ann is a true aficionado of crime
fiction. She loves the field, the individual books, and the authors.
A fixture at the major conventions and a great supporter of the
entire field of crime writing, she’s kind and funny and smart as a
whip and a real professional. She’s also much loved by the crime
writing community, so this will be a very popular choice for the
Raven Award.

of her blogmates here at The Stiletto Gang have been very excited
by this news, and we all send her a huge CONGRATULATIONS! We couldn’t
be happier to see her reaping well-deserved recognition for the
important work she does. And on April 27th,
we’ll all be raising a glass of champagne to our dear Dru Ann as she
receives her award. 

Well done, Dru!
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  1. Leslie Karst
    Leslie Karst says:

    Such a well-deserved award, Dru Ann! Thank you for all you do for the mystery community! Congratulations, and I shall drink a toast to you this very evening!

  2. Linda Rodriguez
    Linda Rodriguez says:

    Thank you, Manning and Leslie, for stopping by. And thank you, Dru, for all the work you do to bring books to the attention of readers.

  3. Deb Romano
    Deb Romano says:

    Congratulations, Dru Ann! I always look forward to reading your reviews. Thanks to you, I have been introduced to the writing of some of my favorite authors.

    Deb Romano

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