Latina Mystery Writers by Juliana Aragon Fatula

Dear Reader,

Recently, I did a google search for Latina women mystery writers. I’m sure there are more that I don’t know about but I’d like to introduce you writers Lucha Corpi, Linda Rodriguez, and Maria Nieto. In my search, I discovered we are a rare. These women are award winners and I have learned a great deal from these master storytellers. 

Linda Rodriguez

Lucha Corpi

Maria Nieto interview

Kathryn Lane

They are the writers who led the way for me to become a Latina mystery writer and I thank them for breaking the barriers for women to write about Latina Private Investigators and Detectives.

During this time of global pandemic and racial unrest in our country, I’d like you to read some fiction and be entertained by these writers who have witnessed and lived through the civil rights movements. They write about what they experienced through their characters and tell the story of their protagonist’s struggles in times of racial inequality. These women have been my teachers and while reading their novels I’ve learned how to represent my protagonists as proud, competent, private investigators. 

I’m happy to write about a new day, a new time in history where we have our first woman of color to be inaugurated as V.P. of the U.S. It’s time for a change in the history books to see more than just a bunch of old, white-haired men leading our country. It’s time for diversity. 

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  1. Linda Rodriguez
    Linda Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, hermana! There are a couple more, but I'm on my phone and brain-dead from an intense anthology editing stint, so can't come up with their names offhand. We are a tiny handful, however, so I'm delighted that we have a promising new crop, including you, coming along and about to burst on the scene.

    • Juliana Fatula
      Juliana Fatula says:

      Linda, you have been so generous with your time and I appreciate your feedback. Hope you are feeling better and staying safe. Te amo, comadre.

  2. Debra H. Goldstein
    Debra H. Goldstein says:

    Amen to diversity. Having read Linda's mysteries and poetry, I personally can speak to their excellence… as well as the others you mentioned, but these are the tip of the iceberg.

  3. Kathryn Lane
    Kathryn Lane says:

    Hey, Juliana, loved your post! By the way, I'm also a Latina author. I guess with my very American sounding name, no one thinks about me como autora Latina, pero si lo soy!

    • Juliana Fatula
      Juliana Fatula says:

      Kathryn, thanks for the feedback. I forgot your one of my favorite Latinas, with a name like Fatula, I totally understand. I'll edit and add your name and appreciate you calling me on my lack of research. lol.

  4. Kathleen Kaska
    Kathleen Kaska says:

    Juliana, Thanks for the list of Latina woman mystery writes. I will check them out. I'm also thrilled that we have our first woman of color VP.

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