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Happy Valentine’s Day

by Saralyn Richard


Today is Valentine’s Day, and I hope you are spending
the holiday enjoying the people, places, and things you love most. As for me, I can’t help thinking of my most
cherished Valentine’s Day gifts over the years–you guessed it–books.

Unlike the more
traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, books don’t die in five days. They don’t
increase the numbers when you step on the scale. They don’t break or go out of

Instead, they provide
hours of entertainment, improve the mind and spirit, offer topics for
discussion, and connect readers. Also, purchasing books stimulates the economy,
because so many different industries are involved in the creation, production,
and selling of books.

Romances aren’t the
only appropriate Valentine’s Day books. Most mysteries also include love in
their plots, sometimes as motives. Whatever your genre, take yourself on a love-ly
journey of the heart, and snuggle up with a great book!

Not ready to commit to
a deep relationship? How about having a blind date with a good book? You might
just fall in love!


Saralyn Richard is the award-winning author of the
Detective Parrott Mystery Series, as well as the standalone mystery, A
Murder of Principal
, and the children’s picture book, Naughty Nana.
Her new mystery, Bad Blood Sisters, is up for pre-order and releases on
March 9. Check out Saralyn’s book events and subscribe to her monthly
newsletter for fun content at http://saralynrichard.com.

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