Holiday Reflections in Advance

Holiday Reflections in Advance by Debra H. Goldstein

The holidays are about to overwhelm us. The TV will be taken over by warm and fuzzy advertisements. Catalogs of things I must have or give will fill my mailbox. At my local CVS, one staff member was moving Halloween candy to a sale rack and packing up the store’s pumpkin decorations while another was putting out Christmas Santas. I’m not ready for this!

Maybe I’m a grinch? I like peace and quiet. The reality is that I’m not going to find that for the next six weeks. First, there will be Thanksgiving – the entire family is dropping in this year. (I’m thinking of giving those who have little kids the house and moving to a hotel – I’ve done that in the past and really enjoyed it). Even though I’m sure there will be moments I want to retreat somewhere (that hotel sounds finer by the moment), I will enjoy seeing our kids, their cousins, and friends interacting. When they leave and I finish doing laundry, I’ll collapse.

But, not for long. There will be Chanukah and Christmas presents to buy, wrap, or send (think gifts cards might be appreciated this year?) for family, friends, and the people who are kind to me during the year. Once I clean up the mess from wrapping and make sure everything is delivered – and share a slightly quieter set of meals with family and friends, it will be time to see in 2024.

Those plans are already made. We see the year in with a group of friends we truly enjoy — especially since the women all agree that the new year is here when the ball drops in New York (we’re on central standard time, but why wait another hour?). Oh, the men, they think the evening is over when the football game ends.

What about you? Holiday Plans? Like them or want to flee?

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  1. Gay Yellen
    Gay Yellen says:

    Don’t get me started, Debra! I’m a tad on the Grinch-y side. The holiday marketing onslaught starts way too early. By the time Christmas comes, our roads and stores become obstacle courses, and the ubiquitous rum-pa-pum-pums everywhere you go become annoying (which is a shame, because it really is a lovely song). Still, it gives us a reason to catch up with friends and family, take stock of the past year, and eat delicious food. So, deck the halls!

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    I’ll be driving to Northern California for both of them. Yep, I’m the out of town guest. I’m looking forward to them very much. And I’m hoping to get started on my decorating tonight. Took town the little bit of Halloween stuff I put up earlier this week. Just want to get my artificial trees up tonight. Maybe lights early next week?

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