Clicking Our Heels: Author Cravings

Clicking Our Heels: Author Cravings

We often hear about food cravings in reference to pregnant women and children, but what authors would die for isn’t usually mentioned. Today, Clicking Our Heels tells you what each of us considers our favorite snack or drink.

Bethany Maines – Matcha lattes and chocolate covered almonds.

Barbara J. Eikmeier – Hot green tea in the morning then I switch to water.

Saralyn Richard – Icy cold water in the summer and boiling hot water in winter. Sometimes popcorn, but only if the writing is slow.

Debra H. Goldstein – Pizza.

Dru Ann Love – My favorite snack is Twizzlers and drink is water.

T.K. Thorne – Anything that will distract me from putting words down, but I usually start with a cup of coffee or tea.

Lois Winston – Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!

Gay Yellen – I don’t snack as I write, but after a solid hour or two of desk-sitting, almost anything handy works for me—chips and hummus, or a cookie and another cup of coffee.

Donnell Ann Bell – My favorite writing snack depends on my mood. Am I trying to eat heathy or am I having a carb attack. I keep cooked broccoli spears in my fridge when I’m on a health kick. When I crave carbs, all bets are off. Chips and salsa, or a bowl of cereal are not safe from my clutches!

Debra Sennefelder – Coffee.

Anita Carter – I like to drink a hot chai latte when I sit down to start writing. When I’m super focused and the words are flowing, I’m usually chewing gum – Orbit White Spearmint. For some reason, chewing gum helps me stay focused.

Mary Lee Ashford – My favorite writing drink is tea. Hot or cold depending on the season (or the day) and sometimes with a bit of honey. Snacks are hard when you’re writing because you don’t want to gunk up the keyboard. So, my go to is usually nuts and/or dark chocolate.


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