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Foresight and Hindsight

Aunt Edie was a hypochondriac. The wife of my father’s older brother, Aunt Edie earned her reputation in my large, extended family of aunts, uncles, grandparents, first cousins, in-laws and outlaws. No matter the clan-gathering occasion, no one asked her how she was. Because . . . Because she could bore you to death with […]

Finding a Moment . . .

By AB Plum At this time of the year, bloggers often: ·        Review accomplishments or missed marks during the past year. ·        Set goals, accomplishments, and hopes for the coming year. ·        Or, intermingle both approaches. Here’s a quote I think does all three—leaving, as do all good stories, much to our imaginations.  “But Mary […]

Gratitude Inspired by a Psychopath

By AB Plum Some time ago, The Stiletto Gang Bloggers gave two thumbs up to the idea of choosing a subject to blog about every month. We also agreed that if the idea didn’t grab us, we could write about something that did. In the past, I’ve written on and off-topic. This month’s theme, “gratitude” […]

A Fix for Your Post-Halloween Fog

By AB Plum Late, late morning after Halloween, the doorbell rings. You’re still recovering from handing out candy to eleven-ninety kids (including teenagers who should’ve been too embarrassed to show up with their hands out). You shamble to the door. Despite repeated vows last night, you sneaked a chocolate treat here and there. Fog encircles […]

Hearing Voices

By AB Plum I hear voices in my head. Most of the time. Not every minute of the day or night. But . . . in countless places, at lots of moments—some inappropriate, such as: ·         While conferring with my tax-guru husband about my business expenses ·         While reviewing my latest marketing plan ·         While […]

Four Reasons to Include Dogs and Cats in Adult Fiction

By AB Plum Writing noir stories short on violence, but long on psychological darkness, I often take a break to read something light or uplifting. I recently finished The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein (https://www.amazon.com/Art-Racing-Rain-Novel-ebook/). I cried often. When I finished the last sentence, I closed the book and thought about […]

Delusional Logic Behind New Psychological Thriller

Remember when you were little and had your first tough argument with your BFF? No matter what insults or barbs you hurled at each other, none hurt like being told she no longer liked you. One of you undoubtedly twisted the knife deeper by adding, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore. I don’t […]

Unexpected Consequences of Reading Too Well

By AB Plum Summertime and the reading was easy. For the three lazy months before I entered first grade, I read and read and read. I finished Little Women for the fourth time. Whizzed through the first three books in the Black Stallion series. Devoured the first two volumes of Anne of Green Gables. Ramona kept […]

3 Lessons Learned about Fitness from a Recent Novel

By AB Plum On my January 5th morning walk, I dodged an oncoming car. I banged into a cement barrier, broke 4 toes, sprained my ankle, and bruised a tendon. During the slow recovery—no weight-bearing exercise—I read a lot. The book I was looking forward to the most proved the most disappointing. Why? Maybe I […]