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This is it…

I think I speak for just about everyone on the planet when I say I’m glad to see the last of 2020. It was a year that brought rapid, often painful change. It was a year where we worried about illness, the economy, and politics. It is a year best gone. So, here we are, […]

A Perfect Afternoon

 I’m writing this blog from my front porch from my front porch. Around me the maples are turning. The oaks remain resolutely green, which means I’ll still be raking in December. October is my favorite month. In Kansas City, it’s a month filled with impossibly blue skies, mild afternoons, and crisp evenings. Today, a gentle […]

Welcome Wendy Tyson!

I’m thrilled to welcome Wendy Tyson, author of the Greenhouse Mysteries, to the Stiletto Gang. Wendy’s latest book, Sowing Malice, releases tomorrow! Also, don’t miss your chance to grab Bitter Harvest for a mere #99cents! Wendy was kind enough to answer a few of my nosy questions! In case readers haven’t yet fallen in love […]


When I was a kid, if something went sideways, I’d call for a do-over. Belly-flop instead of a dive? Do-over! Burnt cookies? Do-over! Swing and a miss? Do-over! Well, 2020, guess what I’m calling? Do-over! And let’s do-over right–with peace and justice for all, with health and economic security for everyone, and with expressions like […]

Stayin’ Alive

Aggie entered the living room carrying a silver tray covered with rumaki and a shot glass filled with toothpicks.She presented the tray to Aunt Sis who waved her away, then Gordon who helped himself. “I’ll take two.” Aggie turned to Jerry, and the first inklings of a problem reached my ears. Claws on hardwood, advancing […]

Happy New Decade

We’ve dipped our toes in a new decade. So far, the 20s seem fine. Decades are defined by food, fashion, politics, music, and media. If you’re familiar with my work, you know I write a series set in the 1970s. Officially fifty years ago (feel like yesterday–there’s no way I can be this old). I […]

If I knew then…

Someone recently asked me the one thing I wish I’d known before being published. I thought back to 2014, the year I first signed a contract. I was beyond excited, so full of happiness my feet didn’t touch the ground for days. I signed my name to contracts with blissful abandon. I don’t mean to […]

No Tricks, All Treats

October is a time for treats. Even if you’re not ringing doorbells with a plastic pumpkin hooked over your arm, there are still treats available.  BOOKS! These mysteries are the first in their series, and they are FREE on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. First from Elise Sax, Die Noon is the first installment […]

Falling for Fall

Fall is stirring. Sure, the temperature still hovers in the upper 80s, but the annuals are leggy and the odd leaf drifts to the ground. I’ve always loved September and October. In Kansas City, they are months of pleasant temperatures, reduced humidity, and blue skies. There’s football and boots. There are chili dinners and pumpkin […]

Cutting ties

I’ve been thinking lately about relationships. I’ve been married almost twenty-four years. My husband and I dated about a year and a half before we were married, so we’ve been together just over twenty-five years. But my marriage is not my longest monogamous relationship. Not even close. The same man has done my hair since […]