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Fresno Dreams

Spring is definitely on its way in Central California.

Driving through the foothills is a treat. The hills are covered with wild flowers, whole fields of gold and orange with patches of white and purple. Above the hills you catch glimpses of the snow covered mountains. It’s gorgeous!

Hubby and I took in the beauty on our way to Fresno yesterday. I’d been invited to a Newcomers Book Club to speak. A couple of months ago I was contacted by the leader of the book club, and she asked if I’d send 12 copies of Judgment Fire. She sent the money and I sent the books.

What great fun it was to be the center of attraction among a wonderful group of booklovers. They asked terrific questions and told me what they’d liked best about the book-and were kind enough not to mention anything they didn’t like. I enjoyed myself and I hope they did too.

Afterwards, hubby and I checked into a hotel because I had to teach a class in Fresno in the morning and it didn’t make sense to drive home and back again. Because we live in a small town, we don’t have a lot of restaurants to choose from so it’s always a delight to go where there are lots of choices.

Because they’d over booked the hotel, we were given a suite with not only a regular bathroom with shower but also a Jacuzzi in a separate room. The most exciting thing we did was watch Dancing with the Stars.

However, I had the craziest dream just before I woke. We were trying to get dressed for my morning class and the housekeeping staff kept coming into the room while we were in various stages of undress. I’d yell at them and chase them out and then they’d be right back in again. Right before I woke, I was yelling at them to get out and stay out or I’d have them fired.

Anyone who can interpret dreams want to have a shot at that one?

Now what that has to do with wild flowers and book clubs I have no idea, but that’s what’s been going on in my life lately.