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Book Birthday!

A year ago – wow, that year went by quickly – someone at Amazon pushed a button and In It For The Money launched into the world. Of course, the release ended up more of a splat than a soar. I foolishly agreed that a pre-sale period was the marketing tool du jour and worked with my editor and cover artist to create the prettiest, shiniest book of the series, while the link sat online for people to anticipate the upcoming book.

Yeah, that whole planning thing? Didn’t work out so well.

The author (that would be me) has to put an “asset” in place when setting up a pre-sale. Due to a snafu, that dummy file went out on release day to everyone who pre-ordered the book. (Yikes! Cringe!!) One saving grace – I’d marked up the file like crazy: “This is a placeholder. If you receive it, contact Amazon for the actual file.”

So, what’s the best way to describe the book release process? Sorta like having a baby. (Many authors compare the book writing process to actual birth.) Except sometimes the “baby” arrives butt-first and there’s some uncomfortable adjusting to do.

But stumbles and all, the anniversary of In It For The Money’s launch rolled around – and I decided, why not celebrate? Let’s call it a Book Birthday! In It For The Money is on sale at 75% off (only 99 cents – first time ever)! Grab your copy now!


In It For The Money by Cathy Perkins
Holly Price traded professional goals for personal plans when she agreed to leave her high-flying position with the Seattle Mergers and Acquisition team and take over the family accounting practice. Reunited with JC Dimitrak, her former fiancé, she’s questioning whether she’s ready to flip her condo for marriage and a house in the ‘burbs.

When her cousin Tate needs investors for his innovative car suspension, Holly works her business matchmaking skills and connects him with a client. The Rockcrawler showcasing the new part crashes at its debut event, however, and the driver dies. Framed for the sabotage, Tate turns to Holly when the local cops—including JC—are ready to haul him to jail. Holly soon finds her cousin and client embroiled in multiple criminal schemes. She’s drawn into the investigation, a position that threatens her life, her family and her already shaky relationship with JC.


Amazon: http://bit.ly/InIt_AmazonUniversal
Nook: http://bit.ly/Nook_InItForTheMoney
Kobo: http://bit.ly/Kobo_InItForTheMoney
iBooks: http://bit.ly/iBooks_InItForTheMoney

Happy April, Fools

Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day so it’s fitting that I’m blogging.  I consider myself a certified (or is that certifiable?) goof by anyone’s standards.  My husband loves how I crack jokes–or make a really off-the-wall pun–and laugh myself silly.  I used to want to be such a stand-up woman, the kind who wore cardigan sets and pearls, whose hair and nails always looked perfect, and who had the perfect reply for any occasion.  I realized instead I’m more of a stand-up comic, who looks at the odd side of things and has a penchant for sarcasm (and, yes, puns).

So I take great pride in my four-year-old niece Audrey, who has a flair for the dramatic and a keen eye for jokes.  She likes to make them up herself, or steal a line from someone and turn it into a comedy routine.  Take Christmas a year ago when I made this joke to the grown-ups in the family:

Me:  “What did Santa say to Tiger Woods?”
Them:  “What?”

Me:  “Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho” (or however many “hos” Tiger actually had accounted for at the time).
Them:  “Where’d you hear that?”
Me:  “I made it up!”

From then on, Audrey would walk around saying, “You know why?  ‘Cause I made it up!”  Ed and I adopted that into our own lexicon.  Whenever one of us says, “Do you know why?”  The other replies, “‘Cause I made it up!”

I’m thinking, too, that Audrey had someone tell her she was a pain in the butt since that seems to be one of her recurring phrases, especially in her jokes.  Like this one, sprung on me at her little brother’s birthday party last weekend:

Audrey:  “Knock knock.”

Me:  “Who’s there?”
Audrey:  “You.”
Me:  “You who?”
Audrey:  “You’re a pain in the butt, Aunt Susan!” 
My family found that hilarious (and strangely apropos).  I’m not sure where she heard this one, or if she “made it up!”  But here goes:
Audrey:  “Why did the chicken cross the road?”
Me:  “Why?”

Audrey:  “So he could rule the world!”
Of course! 
The other day when Audrey asked my mother where she’d been that morning, and my mom told her, “I was at the doctor,” Audrey asked, “Was it a paleontologist?”  I wondered if she thought her grandmother was a fossil.  Then I found out she’d apparently been watching a kid show on PBS with a dinosaur “doctor” on it!
So I’d love to hear your silliest joke on this lovely April Fools’ Day.  Or make one up.  As you can tell by my favorite “Audrey jokes,” it doesn’t matter if they even make sense.