Hooray, I Get to Stay Home for Awhile!

This month’s traveling is finally over and for the next two weeks I’m staying right here at home. Not sure that’s so wonderful though since the temperature hit 108 yesterday and supposed to be the same today.

Last week we were in Santa Maria where everyone was complaining they were having a heat wave when the temperature hit 80. We loved it.

We were there for the Santa Barbara County Fair where we had a table for my books in the Fine Arts Pavilion. (Really, it was the roller skating rink with portable flooring put down over the skating floor). If we’d been out with the displays, paintings and photographs it might have been a great venue–instead they had us behind a Plexiglass wall that was the route to the restrooms. There wasn’t even a sign that pointed out our hideout.

Only a few people ventured back there intent on looking at the photographic entries that hung on the wall behind us. When we were spotted, the people seemed surprised to see us there. Of course when anyone came in I was on my feet, pointing out the fact that I was an author and these were my books.

When no one was around, I took my cards and went into the main room and talked to people and giving out my cards and telling folks about the authors that were waiting to be discovered behind the wall.

I was the only mystery writer. There was a science fiction writer, an author of a how to raise children book, a poetry author, a children’s book author and a children’s book illustrator who worked on illustrations all through the fair.

I only signed up to be there three days from 11 to 4. I know my limits. For one thing, I was the only one up on my feet and talking to people. The others waited far more patiently than I am, for someone to pass by their displays.

I sold the most books–which wasn’t a lot. I sold eight the first day, two the second, and seven the last. Not so great–however I did talk to many people and handed out lots and lots of cards.
Would I go again? Yes, if they found a better place for us to have our tables.

Hubby and I had a good time together–and he read one of my books all the way through while he was there. We ate every meal–breakfast and early supper–at the same restaurant which was near our motel. The food was outstanding and the wait staff wonderful. And the weather was much better than here at home.

Now I can concentrate on my writing for awhile.


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  1. Rachel Brady
    Rachel Brady says:

    Sometimes it's the face time that gets the interest in the book. That's how I found my way to Murder 101, after meeting Maggie and liking her as a person. I think it's great that you were able to meet so many folks. Fingers crossed for a better table location next time!

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