Ready to Double Down?

“Double Down” used to
mean a calculated gamble – and maybe it still does. The technique certainly can
increase the odds of winning. These days the term can mean anything from a bold
decision to an increased resolve to stick to a position. Of course, it can also
be a media euphemism with huge political overtones about certain
statements, but that’s a different discussion.

What do the words have to do with books?

Lots!  DOUBLE DOWN, a story set in the Holly Price mystery series world, is my newest release.

While this story was fun to write, I have a couple of confessions to make:  
People always ask authors where we get our story ideas. Confession #1 – The premise for this story was a given. A group of us challenged
each other to write a story where luck changed the protagonist’s life.  Of course, for a mystery writer this means someone is likely to die. That isn’t the life changing event. 

Characters are as
important as the plot in my stories. My heroine, Maddie Larsson, leapt onto the page. The
inspiration for Maddie came from a friend’s daughter—a single parent who works
in a casino as a blackjack dealer. Maddie’s determination to forge a stable
life for herself and her son draws the admiration of one of the casino’s gamblers, attention that
changes her life for the better but also threatens to ruin—or end—it.
I wrestled a bit with the male lead character. So many readers
wanted to see JC Dimitrak’s side of events (JC is the hero in So About the
, book 1 in the series) I decided to put him in charge of the
investigation. Maybe he was a little too charming since my beta readers …well, telling you would be a spoiler.

Confession #2 – I
didn’t know anything about gambling. Honestly, I don’t understand the
attraction but clearly it’s a popular pastime. Fortunately I had a willing
“resource” (aka my friend’s daughter) to teach me the basics and give me
insight into the dealers’ world.

Take all that and place your bets – DOUBLE DOWN releases
October 23
Murder isn’t supposed
to be in the cards for blackjack dealer Maddie Larsson. Busted takes on a new
meaning when her favorite customer, a former Poker World Tour champion, is
murdered. His family claims—loudly and often—Maddie is the gold-digging
murderer. She better prove she’s on the level before the real killer cashes in
her chips. 
If the victim’s body
had been dumped five hundred yards up the road, Franklin County Sheriff’s
Detective JC Dimitrak wouldn’t have been assigned to the Tom Tom Casino murder
case. Instead, he’s hunting for suspects and evidence while dealing with a
nemesis from the past and trying to preserve his own future. He better play his
cards correctly and find the killer before an innocent woman takes the ultimate
Special release week pricing! 
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An award-winning author of financial
mysteries, Cathy Perkins writes twisting dark suspense and light amateur sleuth
stories.  When not writing, she battles with the beavers over the pond
height or heads out on another travel adventure. She lives in Washington with
her husband, children, several dogs and the resident deer herd.

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