2020 and J.D. Robb by Dru Ann Love

2020 is here and we are already in the second month and with this post heading into the third month also known as my birthday month.

When 2020 starts, it means reader/fan conventions will soon be upon us. For the first time in several years, I’m not going to Left Coast Crime. I had planned to take an action, but the alignment that I needed wasn’t in the cards, so I’ll be missing LCC.

The next reader/fan convention I will be attending is Malice. This is by far my favorite event and 2020 is my eleventh year attending. It’s great to see friends you don’t see for a year and meet new ones that you meet via social media.

But before that, my first event of the year was attending a book signing with the one and only Nora Roberts aka J.D. Robb. The book signing was for Golden In Death, the 50th book in the In Death Series. The main reason for my attendance was for her to sign my book, and to see my photo in the inside jacket of the book cover. So how did that happen?

Her publisher put out a call for her J.D. Robb readers to submit a selfie with one of her book covers. When I first came on Facebook, I took a selfie of me wearing shades sitting in front a bookcase holding her book. I did not suspect I would win, because I never win a contest, but lo and behold, I got an email saying my photo made it in and I could not wait to see it.

So, my friends and I trekked to Boonsboro, MD and Turn The Page Bookstore and bought our book before it hit the shelves. It pays to own the bookstore and other properties in the area. I opened the book, scanned and gave out a yelp, because I found my photo. While waiting our turn to get our book signed, we dined at Vesta, yes, another location owned by Nora. But the best part was as I got closer to Nora, it was decided that she would stand, do I got my picture taken with a standing Nora.

The photos below tell the story of a wonderful adventure.

Turn The Page Bookstore

The signage

The tribe. Photo courtesy of Eleanor Cawood-Jones

Inn BoonsBoro

Vesta Pizzeria and Family Restaurant

Golden In Death

Inside jacket cover of Golden in Death featuring collage of selfies with a photo of a J.D. Robb book

Nora Roberts and ME!

A photo within a photo. Courtesy of  Eleanor Cawood Jones

My photo within the collage. Courtesy of Michael G. Mueller

What adventures do you have waiting for you?

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  1. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    How exciting to get to Nora’s Bookstore and Pizzeria but to meet her and get this book including your photo inside the cover signed and have photos taken with her. What fun memories!!!

  2. Sally Goldenbaum
    Sally Goldenbaum says:

    You are amazing, DruAnn. Love this (and the tribe that went along wit3h you! You guys know how to have a good time).


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