Reading and Meal Deliveries by Dru Ann Love

Reading is my savior. Because I don’t have to commute to work, I miss that routine of an hour of reading before and after work. I lost my reading mojo when this global crisis started, as I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Words were just words to me.

I’m glad I got my reading mojo back, however, I’m struggling with it. Normally I would read two to three books in a week and now it takes me at least one week to finish a book. I think it’s the routine I miss.

No matter what, I continue to read and enjoy the stories being told for my reading pleasure.

How is everyone else doing with their reading?

So in between that, I’ve been trying out a few grocery delivery companies:

  • Amazon Fresh: I get 98% of what I ordered delivered.
  • Instacart: I get at least 85% of what I ordered delivered, so the shopping cart cost always fluctuate.

And home meal deliveries.

  • HelloFresh: The program wouldn’t let me pick my own meal for the first time, so I had to settle on their choice and of the three, the only one I like was the flatbread and that is if I didn’t put the stuff they wanted me to put on it. Plus I had to do prep work. And the reason for cancellation, they did not deliver the box to my apartment door. They left it where the mailbox are and if I would not have said, hey where are they and went down there, someone could have walked away with the box.
  • Now, I’m experimenting with Freshly now. The food is prepared and all I have to do is put it in the oven (it’s meant for a microwave, which I don’t have). In week one, I liked two of my choices. This week I picked something different and we’ll see if I continue beyond that.
  • The other delivery companies all involved prep – yes, I’m lazy like that.

So, have any of you tried grocery deliveries or home meal deliveries?

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  1. Celia Fowler
    Celia Fowler says:

    I hope your reading mojo continues to get better. I haven't tried home meal deliveries…yet, but I've enjoyed seeing and hearing about your experiences ~

  2. Saralyn
    Saralyn says:

    My reading has definitely changed, also. I had to push myself through The Weight of Ink, a long, beautifully written piece of literature. Normally I would have savored every turn of phrase! I'm still binge reading, but slower.

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    My reading changed a little at the beginning because it was so hard to concentrate for me. Now I’ve gotten my reading mojo back. Another thing that has slowed me down is that my library system, along with everyone else, was closed. It’s opened back up but I don’t think they are getting a lot of new books yet. Thanks for the info on the meal delivery services. I’m with you…I prefer not to prep also!

  4. Liz Milliron
    Liz Milliron says:

    My reading hasn't changed a bit. Of course, my work was never affected so I needed the escape. I've binged right through Julia Spencer-Fleming's Clare & Russ books and finally am on the latest.

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