CLICKING OUR HEELS – What We’re Reading and What We’d Recommend

Dru Ann Love – I’m reading UNDER THE COCOON MOON by Kathleen Bailey. It’s the third book in her Olivia Penn cozy mystery series. I like her work and writing.

Lynn McPherson/Sydney Leigh – I’m reading A FATAL GROOVE by Olivia Blacke. The Record Shop Mystery series is so much fun!

Kathryn Lane – THE AMERICAN PROMETHEUS, the Pulitzer Prize winning novel that the Oppenheimer film was based on. I highly recommend it!

Lois Winston – My Stiletto Gang post on September 27th was all about the books I checked off my TBR pile while dealing with my own bout of Covid. Since then, one book I’ve enjoyed is LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY by Bonnie Garmus.

Saralyn Richard – Recently, International Thriller Writers hosted a first line contest, and I entered the first line of my book, BAD BLOOD SISTERS. I was delighted when it won, and the prize was a critique of my next book’s opening pages by mystery writer, Clare Mackintosh. I loved her critique and read her latest, THE LAST PARTY, which was a fun read.

Bethany Maines – I’ve been on a rom-com bing lately and I can tell you a couple NOT to read.  When you pick books based on Facebook ads, I suppose there are bound to be a couple of duds.  I just started Debra Sennefelder’s MURDER WEARS A LITTLE BLACK DRESS and I’m loving it.

Linda Rodriguez – I’ve just finished reading Thea Harrison’s AMERICAN WITCH and am just starting Catriona McPherson’s THE MIRROR DANCE. I would recommend the first, and I’m sure I will recommend the second, because I love her books.

Debra H. Goldstein – I recently read and enjoyed Ann Patchett’s TOM LAKE and Bonnie Garmus’ LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY.

Joyce Woollcott – I’m reading an advanced copy of Lou Berney’s DARK RIDE. Fantastic. He is simply wonderful. I have just finished Charlie Donlea’s book, ‘THOSE EMPTY EYES.’ He’s a great mystery/suspense writer. And any of Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie books. I reread them constantly.

Barbara J. Eikmeier – I’ve been on a roll with reading great books. DR. TAN’S CIRCLE OF WOMEN by Lisa See is excellent and stayed with me long after I finished it.  I also enjoyed HANG THE MOON by Jeannette Walls, I love her unapologetic style of writing. And, although they creep me out a bit, I recently flew through two of Lucy Foley’s books:  HUNTING PARTY which is set in Scotland and WEDDING GUESTS which is set on a remote Irish island. I can’t put Lucy Foley’s books down but I also can’t read them when I’m home alone!!

Mary Lee Ashford – I’m loving The Thursday Murder Club books and looking forward to the new release in that series. At the moment I’m reading VERA WONG’S UNSOLICITED ADVICE FOR MURDERERS by Jesse Q. Sutanto and really enjoying it.

T. K. Thorne – Just finished ALABAMA AFTERNOONS by Alabama journalist and novelist, Roy Hoffman. The book isa collection of interview-portraits of remarkable Alabamians, famous and obscure. I felt I had actually met these engaging people . . . and was much the better for it.

Paula G. Benson – I’ve been reading short story collections. In particular, I found EDGAR AND SHAMUS GO GOLDEN to be very interesting. It contains an Anthony nominated story by the author of the Lupe Solano mysteries, Carolina Garcia-Aguilera, as well as stories by Doug Allyn, O’Neil De Noux, John Floyd, Lia Matera, Art Taylor, and Martin Edwards.

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  1. Barb Eikmeier
    Barb Eikmeier says:

    I realized when I read this post that the Lisa See book title is actually Lady Tan’s Circle of Women. Lady Tan is a doctor so it wasn’t too misleading.

    Thanks for all your great recommendations! Looks like my TBR list just grew longer!!

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Sounds like some good books.

    I recently enjoyed TULLE DEATH DO US PART by Diane Vallere. And now I’m reading THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING by Rhys Bowen.

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