Book to Movie Adaptation

I love reading. I love mysteries. I love my imagination.

When I read a book, even though the author describes the characters and the scenery, it is my imagination that makes it a film playing in my head while I’m enjoying the ride. I hear the voices and their pronunciation. I see the outfit. I see them. It’s my imagination when they tilt their head this way and that. My film always stays true to the book that I’m reading.

I’ve seen TV-movies made of books that I enjoyed and have been disappointed in the changes they made to my film version and the book. Not a good sign for me.

Luckily if I see a TV-movie based on a book that I have not read, I’m more likely to enjoy the movie.

What say you? Have you liked TV-movie adaptation of books you’ve enjoyed?

–Dru Ann

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  1. T.K. Thorne
    T.K. Thorne says:

    Usually, I am disappointed at the movie attempt of my favorite books. Even if it is well done, it's difficult to compete with imagination! However, Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter films added a rich layer to the books. I know there are more, but that is all that is coming to me at the moment.

  2. kk
    kk says:

    My favorite book ever is JANE EYRE. I must've seen 5 different versions and some I like better than others. Since it is also that rare book that I've reread more than twice, I've got definite ideas about MY Jane and MY Mr. Rochester and no one ever quite gets it. But some are closer than others. I keep on searching though.

  3. Ellen Byron
    Ellen Byron says:

    My favorite book is WUTHERING HEIGHTS. I never seem to get tired of adaptations of it because most stay pretty close to the book. The only drag is that now Heathcliff seems like a horrible abuser! As to other book to film adaptations, I'm with you, Dru.

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