Brooklyn Book Festival 2014

The Brooklyn Book Festival is the largest free literary event in New York City, presenting an array of national and international literary stars and emerging authors. One of America’s premier book festivals, this hip, smart diverse gathering attracts thousands of book lovers of all ages to enjoy authors and the festival’s lively literary marketplace. It was begun in 2006 by Former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, who wanted to showcase the “Brooklyn voice” in literature, as numerous authors reside in the borough.

Here is my photogenic look at the festival.

The entrance to the festival

I just wanted the signage

Where’s Waldo?

Crowd shot

Terrie Moran, author of Well Read, Then Dead

Tim Hall, author of Dead Stock

Mystery Writers of America booth

more crowd shots

there was a reason I took this photo

Sisters in Crime booth

the Penguin truck

Sat for awhile until the lady said she had 1 cat and 13 pythons

another chance to sit and listen.

he was drawing the young girl from memory

This is Rosemary Harris booth – selling her latest book, Bitches of Brooklyn

and that’s how I spent my Sunday.

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  1. ceblain
    ceblain says:

    Looks like an event that I would have loved to have attended. Glad that Dru Ann Love of Dru's Book Musings was there to tell us all about it. Thank you for all the photos and the great information.


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