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Reflections on Today – My
Birthday by Debra H. Goldstein

Today is my birthday. It isn’t a special birthday, but it
is another notch in my belt of life. Another year around the sun. And a
reminder that the years seem to each be moving faster than the one before.


When I was a child, I devoured books. If it was hot
outside, I preferred to be indoors, where it was cooler, reading. My mother
felt that I needed to get out of the house and play for at least an hour on
those hot days. I specifically remember once, when there were no neighborhood
children to play with (which always took care of the hour plus), I was forced
to entertain myself outside for the hour. I sat on our front stoop periodically
checking my watch only to be dismayed at how slowly time moved. That hour was
an eternity. Today, an hour goes by so fast that it melds into other hours and
the entire day passes before I know it.


One other thing I’ve noticed is that I no longer am the
young hotshot. I’ve reached the age where people say “ma’am,” offer me senior
drinks before I ask for them, and at club and organization meetings, I am
respected for my institutional knowledge. The honors coming my way aren’t
titled “Top women under thirty” or “Rising Star.” Instead, they are more like
“Fifty Over Fifty.”


Being seasoned has its benefits – seeing my children happy
in marriages and careers; having grandchildren; AARP and other discounts; and
being able to use Rhett Butler’s “I don’t give a damn” line whenever I want.
The sad part is knowing that there are less years left than have passed so
there are things I would like to see or experience that I may not.


The latter thought is sad, but I’m not going to dwell on
it. For now, I’m going to happy dance and celebrate this birthday!  (By the way, I’m not Poppy, but I loved this picture of one of granddogs wishing my husband a happy birthday) How do you feel about birthdays?

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  1. Kathryn Lane
    Kathryn Lane says:

    Happy birthday! Debra, I loved the photo with 'Happy Birthday Poppy'.
    Birthdays are milestones to celebrate – I just wish they would not come around as quickly as they do. I've gone to celebrating for a full month, and that makes the next one come around in eleven months! Maybe I should restrict my celebration to just that one special day.

  2. Debra H. Goldstein
    Debra H. Goldstein says:

    Kathryn and Gay, I've gone to the two extremes – some years the birthday celebration goes on forever or, like this year, it is a quiet day of reflection and normal tasks.

    • Kathryn Lane
      Kathryn Lane says:

      Debra, I've alternated between celebrating for the full month and trying to ignore my birthday! Yet celebrating is much more fun!

  3. Pam Hopkins
    Pam Hopkins says:

    On my birthday, I reflect on how I got so old so fast!! My mind tells me I'm still about 45-50 but my body says, "You wish!!"

  4. Donnell Ann Bell
    Donnell Ann Bell says:

    Happy birthday, Debra. Your Poppy looks so much like my daughter and daughter-in-law's dog Scout. They are the best, most loyal and protective dogs. But I digress. Yes, time moves faster when you reach our age, so the goal is to make the most of it, and to know when to use Rhett Butler's phrase. Congratulations on having such stellar credentials to back up your distinguished career and life. xoxo

  5. Lois Winston
    Lois Winston says:

    Happy belated birthday, Debra! A little hint: whenever you get a bit testy over someone offering you a senior citizen discount without you asking for one, go to Trader Joe's and buy a bottle of wine. They card EVERYONE, no matter how many gray hairs or wrinkles you have. ;-D

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