Mint Chocolate Wordplay

by Shari Randall/Meri Allen

Do you Wordle? Do crossword puzzles? Enjoy Words with Friends?

I love word games, so when I was asked to make an anagram from the words in the title of my latest Ice Cream Shop mystery, MINT CHOCOLATE MURDER, I jumped at the chance. It was a fun to do – but challenging. So many O’s! But it was an enjoyable exercise and it made me think about my book in new ways.

M – Mysterious supermodel with a royal secret

I — Ice cream social to die for

N  — New England village of your Hallmark dreams

T — Teashops and treachery


C — Crafty clues and red herrings

H — Haunted Scottish castle

O — Obsessions turned deadly

C — Cat who needs therapy

O – One hot veterinarian

L — Locked room mystery

A – Art world gossip

T – Tantalizing twists

E – Enemies and frenemies


M — Malicious suspects

U – Unrequited love

R — Race against the clock

D — Danger in the dungeon

E – Extra sprinkles!

R — Riley Rhodes, my main character, an ice cream shop manager and former CIA librarian with plenty of secrets of her own


Readers, I hope you’ll find something here that intrigues. Writers, give it a try with one of your titles!

Do you enjoy word games? What’s your favorite?

Meri Allen is the pen name of Shari Randall, who loves playing Scrabble. She lives in New England, where she’s looking forward to the fall foliage.



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  1. Gay Yellen
    Gay Yellen says:

    Good job with your book’s word game, Shari. I’m a crossword puzzle fan, the harder the better. Helps my mind relax when it won’t shut down before bedtime.

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